New Zealand institute of Safety Management (Inc) Rules

August 2019

The New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (Inc) is a non-profit organisation registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. The Rules are an integral part of compliance with the requirements of the Incorporated Societies Act and this is consequently an important document with which all members of the NZISM are to be familiar with and abide by.

The current Rules (dated August 2019) were adopted at the Special General Meeting on 8 August 2019.

Signed by three Institute members whose positions at that time were:

  • Greg Dearsly - President
  • Mike Cosman - Chair, Advisory Board
  • Ravi Kolluru - Operations Manager

1. Name and Registered Office

2. Interpretation

3. Purpose, Objects and Powers of the Institute

4.1 Membership

4.2 Application to be a Member of the Institute

4.3 Membership Rights and Obligations

4.4 Operational Manual and Code of Professional Ethics

4.5 Membership Fees

4.6 Register of Members

4.7 Termination of Membership

4.8 Disciplinary Procedures

5.1 Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Powers and Authority

5.2 STL - Members

5.3 SLT - Eligibility and Appointment

5.4 SLT - Casual Vacancy

5.5 Election of President

5.6 SLT - Duties

5.7 Removal of an SLT Member

5.8 Meetings of the SLT

5.9 Voting and decisions of the SLT and sub-committees

6.1 Governance Board - Powers and authority

6.2 Governance Board - Members

6.3 Governance Board - Eligibility

6.4 Governance Board - Term

6.5 Governance Board - Casual vacancy

6.6 Appointment of Governance Board members

6.7 Removal of a Governance Board member

6.8 Meetings of the Governance Board

6.9 Voting and decisions of the Governance Board

6.10 Appointment of the Governance Board Chair

7.1 Branches

7.2 Branch Management

7.3 Branch Committees

7.4 Meetings of the Branch Committee

7.5 Branch Annual General Meetings

7.6 Branch finance

7.7 Branch Manager network

8. National finances

9. General Meetings

10. General

11. Capacity to contract

12. Notices

13. Winding up

14. Previous Rules rescinded