November 2022

Complaints Process

New Zealand Institute of Safety Management Incorporated ("NZISM") manages a process for resolving concerns and complaints involving NZISM members and complaints relating to the operation of NZISM. All employees, contractors, and members of NZISM agree to be bound by the NZISM complaints process. NZISM works to ensure that our process is consistent, fair, and open for anyone to raise a concern or complaint. We aim to have a process which assists with improving our industry, by giving confidence and trust in our members.

NZISM encourage WorkSafe NZ guidelines in promoting the use of qualified and experienced, health and safety practitioners and professionals. Terms defined in the Rules of the NZISM have the same meaning when used in this document.

Using the NZISM complaints process

Fair process

Complaint process

Right to appeal

Legal complaints rights

Disciplinary procedure

Right to appeal

Complaint Form