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About us

The Emerging Safety Leaders (ESL) network supports those who are developing their careers in the occupational health and safety (OHS) industry in New Zealand. It was established to provide NZISM members and non-members alike the opportunity to engage with and learn from their peers and we’re delighted to have IMPAC as our Network Partner.

The ESL is an open forum which also enables us to increase engagement with OHS practitioners outside of NZISM. For those who are just beginning their journey into OHS, either through their roles as H&S reps or through study, this network provides information on the career path for OHS practitioners with the hope of increasing the number of young people entering the profession.

The ESL network has core bases in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and the Bay of Plenty with a plan to grow future bases organically. In addition we have a national ESL Committee whose details can be found below.

Details of events at each of the ESL centres will be announced on this web page, via NZISM newsletters, social media and the NZISM events calendar found on the NZISM website.

Keep an eye out for upcoming meetings in your region and bring along a friend or colleague who may also benefit from being a part of a dynamic group of young professionals.

Our Network Partner is IMPAC

IMPAC is New Zealand’s leading Health and Safety solutions provider. IMPAC shares our commitment to support, mentor and grow the industry’s up-and-coming practitioners. They contribute a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise, and are the only NZ based NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner (click here for more information).

IMPAC’s commitment to ESL each year provides significant professional development opportunities for emerging safety leaders, including:

  • a scholarship up to the value of $13,500 and
  • a full-time 12-24 month paid internship, each awarded to a qualifying ESL network member.

ESL Network Database

We have setup a new database to capture registration to the ESL network. This enables us to communicate effectively with all our members, keep you updated on relevant content, events and information and understand a bit more about you.

Whether you are already an ESL member or would like to join the ESL network, please sign up by entering your details via the link below.

Live Events Coming Up

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi
With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive


Ōrākei Marae, 59B Kitemoana Street, Ōrākei, Auckland

This whakatauki talks to community, to collaboration and a strengths-based approach and that’s what we are going to do at Ngati Whatua Ōrākei Marae. The facts are that Māori workplace fatality rates are 19% higher by industry and 10% higher by occupation than for non-Māori. These OHS outcomes are due to lack of cultural worker engagement, participation and representation as well as higher representation in temporary employment arrangements in poor conditions and more hazardous work as well as many others. Can we do better? Of course we can. So this is an opportunity to come together as a profession and learn more about Māori culture, what’s being done for Māori in health and safety, uplift our knowledge around this culture and hopefully leave inspired to do something a little different with your workplace whanua.

Take a look at the day's Agenda

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Webinar Recordings

TEStalk: Technology and Emerging Safety

Meet three leaders in their field

Chris Thomas - Disrupting Safety Training (NZ)

Within 10 years time, Virtual Reality will add US$1.5 Trillion to global GDP, which is an incomprehensibly large number. To understand how this tech will contribute what is essentially the same value as Russia's GDP in such a small space of time, take into consideration the very function it's disrupting. Traditional learning formats are ineffective. This webinar takes us through innovations from across industry, from increasing empathy and situational awareness to de-escalating violence for frontline staff.

Chris takes us through disruptions in safety training using technologies such as VR for work at heights courses and more.

Cameron Stevens – Founder of the Safety Innovation Academy (WA)

Cameron Stevens is a health and safety professional dedicated to step-changing health and safety performance with emerging technologies and is considered Australia’s leading Safety Technologist. Cameron is the ANZ Solutions Engineer for wearable technology start-up RealWear Inc. and the Founder of the Safety Innovation Academy. When not immersed in technology Cameron enjoys a cold IPA, single origin coffee and exploring the wonders of the natural world.

In this webinar Cameron considers the question “Could technology have prevented this incident from occurring?” to explore the intersection where safety and technology meet at the cutting edge.

Andrew Heinrichs – Digital H&S thought leader (VIC)

'Predictive analytics' is a term thrown around by many a tech proponent, novice and expert alike. But what does it really mean? And can we really ever use data analytics to predict health and safety incidents? Andy Heinrichs walks participants through a quick-fire lesson in predictive analytics, and how safety professionals and practitioners should think about data analytics in their roles

Decision making in uncertainty

Gareth Beck introduces the human diver, Gareth Lock

The majority of safety professionals and those operating in high-risk environments have to deal with uncertainty on a daily basis. The problem with uncertainties is that they are managed by emotion, not logic. They are managed through biases and heuristics, and make use of previous experiences and are driven by pressures, goals and rewards from the operational environment.

Our presenter, Gareth Lock, has been on a 10-year mission to take human factors and crew resource management lessons learned from his 25-year military aviation career and apply it to diving. His website The Human Diver is a great resource. In this webinar, Gareth provides an insight into his work and explains how this can help you deal with uncertainties in your own area of work.

Facilitated by Gareth Beck, ESL


Useful References:

If Only - documentary film

Debrief Guide


What organisations can learn about performance and Health & Safety from the Paratroopers

Meet ESL member, NZISM Auckland Branch Manager and ex-army paratrooper medic, Heinrich Havemann

Before moving into WHS, Heinrich served in an elite medical unit attached to the South African Special Forces. He talks about the lessons he learned whilst serving and how this translates into embedding safety into business practice.

Facilitated by Julia Mardjetko, ESL

Meet the Team

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