Created as an incorporated society in 1972, the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) represents the interests of Generalist Health and Safety Practitioners and Professionals in New Zealand. Our members work in both private and public sector organisations across a wide selection of industry and commerce.

We also assist in determining standards for health and safety in New Zealand and consulting with the likes of the New Zealand Government via our association with the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ)

NZISM started as a collective of local branches and has grown into a nationally based organisation. Because of our history we recognise the importance of the individual practitioner/professional and emphasis this by helping our members to develop their skills and knowledge by means of our internationally aligned professional accreditation programme and its associated Continual Professional Development (CPD) programme. We support the programme with the provision of optional mentoring, regular local branch meetings, workshops and seminars. We assist those newly starting out in a career in health and safety through to those with many years experience seeking further advancement.

NZISM Objectives

  • To establish, maintain and promote excellence in occupational safety and health management in New Zealand
  • To advance and maintain interest in occupational safety and health management by means of education and publicity
  • To co-ordinate and liaise with other bodies and organisations in promoting the practice and profession of occupational safety and health management
  • To encourage the recognition of the Institute’s involvement within occupational safety and health
  • To promote professional recognition of NZISM as an authority in occupational safety and health matters in the workplace
  • To promote ethical awareness and integrity through the Institute’s involvement in occupational safety and health issues
  • To develop a criteria for professional development for health and safety professionals
  • To be an integral part of the development and promotion of occupational safety and health auditor standards in New Zealand
  • To research and develop occupational safety and health procedures and practices


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Our Vision

To lead the way for the health and safety profession



Our Purpose

To enable all those with an interest in occupational health and safety to develop their knowledge and skills for the benefit of themselves and the organisations and workers they support

Strategic objectives

Deliver an exceptional member experience
Develop professional capacity
Demonstrate leadership
Known as Trusted and Influential
Ensure organisational sustainability

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Our additional goals:

  • To be the definitive voice for health and safety in New Zealand
  • To represent and promote the voice of NZISM members amongst industry and Government
  • To engage and support health and safety practitioners in New Zealand and work to promote health and safety in their communities
  • To advance high professional standards and provide assurance to industry through our professional membership and accreditation programme for health and safety practitioners

We welcome you and invite you to look around our website. Some sections are open to the public others are restricted to NZISM members only. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@nzism.co.nz

Greg Dearsly (NZISM President)