Christmas Message of Thanks

By NZISM Secretary


Mere Kirihimete members and supporters. With just over a week to go for most of us until we have a well-deserved and absolutely necessary Christmas break, I would like to dedicate this Christmas edition to all of our amazing members who volunteer their precious time to NZISM.

  • To our wonderful Governance Board members who help steer us on a path towards greatness, thank you.
  • To the Senior Leadership Team who represent the views and voices of our members and who work hard to implement the projects and initiatives that that will take us all to the top of the profession, thank you.
  • To the Branch Managers who work tirelessly ensuring the local member experience is the best it can be, thank you.
  • To the Branch Committees whose support and encouragement and mahi ensure that our regions have the CPD and engagement that we can all be proud of, thank you.
  • To the Accreditation Committee, who uphold the highest professional standards of our accreditation programme, thank you.
  • To the HASANZ Committee who work hard to ensure NZISM members are acknowledged for their professional capability, thank you.
  • To the Mentors, who give back to their profession by supporting those coming through the journey, thank you.
  • To our Peer Support Network, whose guidance is invaluable to those who seek it out, thank you.
  • To the Emerging Safety Leaders who show a pathway for those seeking more knowledge and support into our profession, thank you.
  • To the Women in Safety Excellence Committee who offer their time, energy and experience in supporting their colleagues throughout the profession, thank you.
  • To the volunteers who represent our profession on the various Standards Committees, thank you.
  • To Greg Dearsly, who continues to make us proud representing NZISM internationally at INSHPO and who will become the first New Zealand President of INSHPO next year, thank you.
  • To the many subject matter experts, that dedicate their time to our CPD Programme, and to Karl Berendt and Ben Watson who are our fabulous webinar hosts, thank you.
  • To my team at National Office, who hold it together for all of us and whose work behind the scenes, is responsible for the success of this organisation, thank you.
To Robyn Bennett, our President, who represents our members passionately, both within NZISM and across the country in many different facets. The commitment she has shown her role is inspiring. She is dedicated to ensuring NZISMs place is recognised and cemented in the fabric of the Health and Safety ecosystem in Aotearoa. We are making incredible progress in raising the profile of NZISM and our members because of her dedication and the dedication of those who have come before her.
Lastly to all our members, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you for being part of this community of practitioners and professionals, and for the mahi you do every single day to keep your people and your workplaces safe and healthy.

I wish you all the opportunity to make precious memories with the ones you love, the time to recharge and take stock of all you have achieved this year. Just making it to the end of 2021 is worthy of celebration.

Noho ora mai