Governance Forum - applications open

By NZISM Secretary


NZISM is establishing an online forum for members who are interested in developing their Governance careers. This forum will be by invitation only and limited to people who are currently engaged in Governance roles or who are independently undertaking Governance training with the aim of holding a Governance role in the future.

The forum will provide members with the opportunity to share experience, knowledge and insights in their career progression into Governance. We will also provide the opportunity for sitting members of the NZISM Governance Board to engage and mentor forum members via online meetings.

Forum Chair

The Governance Board Intern will be the inaugural Chair of this forum and manage and oversee the set-up of meetings with support from the Chief Executive. Ongoing, this will be the role of the outgoing intern for a 12-month period post their internship with the NZISM Governance Board. This means that any successful NZISM Governance Board Intern will have a 2-year role with NZISM: the first year as a sitting Intern, and the second year as Chair of the NZISM Governance Forum.

Forum membership

Governance Forum members will comprise:

  1. suitably experienced and accredited members identified through the application process; and
  2. members known by the SLT to be experienced and undertaking personal development in Governance.

It offers a great opportunity for suitably qualified and experienced leaders within NZISM to participate and continue to engage with their professional association.

Applying for membership

Members intending to apply for membership of the Governance Forum will need to answer a series of questions.

Applications will be reviewed by the Governance Forum Committee, made up of the Chief Executive Officer and two additional committee members.

Application questions

  • What experience do you have in a Governance role?
  • Have you undertaken any professional development in Governance, if so what?
  • Why do you want to develop a career in the Governance?
  • What do you hope to get from the Governance Forum?
  • What value could you bring to the Forum?
  • How would apply the learning opportunities the Forum will create for you?
  • What motivates you to aspire to become a Director?
  • Outline your personal contribution to your organisation and the H&S community

Submitting your application

Please submit your application to by Friday 11th November, and include:

  1. a covering letter, incorporating your answers to the questions above;
  2. a copy of your CV; and
  3. one reference from a NZISM member who supports your application.

Forum meetings

The Forum will meet every other month initially and Forum members will determine the best approach to connect with each other once established. These meetings will be held via zoom.

The first Forum meeting will be held on 6th December at 12.30pm.

Only accepted applicants will be invited to attend.

As with other NZISM forums, it is envisaged that the members will determine the needs of the group and identify opportunities for their development and seek support to achieve this via the NZISM national office.