INSHPO internship - a special opportunity

By NZISM Master account


INSHPO are looking for their next worldwide intern. And it's an opportunity I'd encourage you to grasp.

Embarking on my two-year internship with INSHPO has proven to be a transformative journey that has not only elevated my professional skills but also cultivated deep and lasting friendships. As an intern, I have actively contributed to shaping the organisation's future by engaging in a diverse range of projects. From helping to develop a strategic plan that will guide future initiatives, to facilitating a workshop on organisational values, every task has been a chance to make a meaningful impact.

One highlight has been the opportunity to review the OHS Professional Capability Framework, which delved into the intricacies of global safety standards. This hands-on experience has enabled me to deepen my understanding of the nuances of the field and to actively contribute to its evolution. More than a professional endeavour, it has became a personal investment in the global pursuit of safety and health excellence.

The INSHPO internship is truly valuable. It goes beyond the confines of Zoom, and offers a chance to meet and engage with global thought leaders in safety and health. I've attended internationally significant events that have enabled me to both expand my professional knowledge and forge connections with passionate individuals who share a common dedication to making a difference in the world.

In retrospect, the INSHPO internship is not just a career milestone; it is a life-changing chapter filled with meaningful projects, global connections, and enduring friendships that have shaped my trajectory in ways I could have never anticipated.

INSHPO are now recruiting next year's intern and I can thoroughly recommend the experience. If you think it might be for you, don't hold back. The deadline is 15th January 2024.

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by Brenton Harrison

INSHPO Intern, 2023