Victoria University of Wellington reviews viability of Masters of Health, in Workplace Health and Safety

By NZISM Secretary


You may have heard that Victoria University of Wellington has a $33 million shortfall in its budget. As part of its response, the university is reviewing 59 programmes, including the Master of Health, in Workplace Health and Safety.

NZISM has prepared a response to Victoria University, in support of the Masters of Health programme, imploring the University to ensure the post graduate qualifications offered in Workplace Health and Safety are retained.

New Zealand has only a small number of tertiary programmes offering the level of professional qualifications that meet industry standards. We simply cannot afford to lose one of our most highly regarded qualifications.

It is now widely accepted that tertiary level qualifications are an essential part of professional practice. As the industry progresses towards a formally recognised profession, the number of graduates required to support workplace health and safety will also increase. A tertiary educated graduate’s earning potential rises and the standard of the professions knowledge and skills rises with it.

We must continue to support our tertiary education providers to ensure that the profession can meet the international standards we have come to expect of our workforce.

If you have been thinking about undertaking tertiary studies, now is the time to do it. If we don’t enrol, these programmes may be lost to us for good.

Check out the Victoria University programme here: