Taranaki Branch

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The Taranaki Branch welcomes people from different occupations and industries with the same commitment of raising the bar for New Zealand’s health and safety professionals.

Meeting regularly, we welcome everyone with similar aims.

If you have any queries about the Taranaki Branch; the H&S network in Taranaki or anything to support your practice in Taranaki, please don't hesitate to contact the Committee team.

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Introducing the Taranaki NZISM Committee

Branch Manager - Frances Boyce, Whitaker Civil Engineering Ltd

Committee Members

Alisha Richardson, Beca Ltd New Plymouth

Cynthia Zehnder, JLE Holdings Ltd

Bronwyn Muir, BTW Company Ltd

David Charteris, Beach Energy

Jill Mania, South Taranaki District Council

Alisha Picard, Worley NZ Ltd

Fiona Ewing

Chris Davidson

Branch Manager
Frances Boyce