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POSTPONED: ESL Auckland: Virtual Reality in Safety

02/03/2021 05:30pm to 7:00pm

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This event has been postponed due to Auckland's Level 3 Covid restrictions, it will be rescheduled

As emerging leaders in safety its important we are over what is emerging into our field and what digital aids and software could help us deliver our message and train our people more effectively.

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of these emerging trends that is picking up pace with faster processing and more interactions as simulations become more lifelike. VR will support traditional learning in the short term but could become the next step of learning and it’s important we understand what this technology can do as well as its limitations. Studies have shown VR learners to be 4 times more engaged with the content, almost 4 times more emotionally connected and completed the training 4 times faster too. They say one of the best ways to learn is by failing or making mistakes and in some environments we simply cant make mistakes, working at heights is one of these environments and the folks at Joy Business Academy have developed a module aligned to a the work at height NZQA unit standard as well as many others. During this training people will be put in front of simulated real-world challenges before they're put in harm's way.

Join us for an evening of networking and a short presentation on what the delights of VR could involve and what the JBA team are working on. Obviously you will get to have a play and fail safely while working at ‘height’.


Aurecon, Level 4

139 Carlton Gore Road
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