image for Webinar: Why language matters in tackling risk and safety

Webinar: Why language matters in tackling risk and safety

16/06/2022 08:00am to 9:30am

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Why language matters in tackling risk and safety

Language is the foundation of all decision making and (human) culture and yet, so little attention is given to understanding the role of language in risk and safety. Using a thought-provoking real-life story, we will help you understand the hidden meaning and power of language in everyday decision making. This webinar is designed to help you understand human decision making in tackling and humanising risk and aligning risk and safety management with the wellbeing of your people and business goals. When you become sensitive to language, it is your first step towards acquiring leadership skills.


Nippin is a former master mariner with a master’s degree in economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and Anthropology and a desire for life-long learning in the wider disciplines of humanities, social psychology, and philosophy. After a near collision at sea, he took up a passion for investigating accidents and helping leaders understand the importance of perspective in human failures. As a former subject matter expert at DNV, Nippin also developed an interest in making compliance meaningful for achieving business goals. He is the host of the podcast Embracing Differences, blogs regularly and is recognised both in the research community and across safety critical industries for his ability to make research accessible to businesses and people at work.


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