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Masterclass with John Green

10/08/2022 09:00am to 10:30am

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Masterclass 1

Safety Differently (Part 1)

9am - Wed 13 July 2022

Explores the background to the development of Safety Differently, looking at the philosophy and foundations.

Discusses the approach with reference to the traditional and Safety Differently fundamentals, as well as touching on the compelling case for change.

This session ends with a short exercise on shifting organisations.

Masterclass 2

Safety Differently (Part 2)

9am - Wed 20 July 2022

Looks at the tools and techniques associated with the approach and allows participants to see how common safety practices can be retooled with a new purpose.

Continues to examine the basis for a shift in safety paradigm and explores common uses and barriers to moving forward.

Masterclass 3

Psychological Safety (Part 1)

9am - Wed 10 August 2022

We will be exploring:

  • the link between safety and psychological safety;
  • the history and development of psychological safety;
  • how the lack of psychological safety can affect performance within an organisation;
  • the relationship between safety, trust, diversity and inclusion.

Masterclass 4

Psychological Safety (Part 2)

9am - Wed 17 August 2022

This final Masterclass will use all previous session material to suggest a model that wraps Safety Differently and Psychological Safety into a single coherent approach.

Practical tools will be suggested that can be used to foster the approach and allows participants to develop options for their own organisations.

Q&A time is built into all John's Masterclasses - however additional time is put aside in this final session so that participants have the opportunity to ask questions relating to, or triggered by, any session in this Masterclass series.


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