Selena Armstrong’s Blog September 2017

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Good morning NZISM members,

As I write this I am in my third week with NZISM and it has been a whirlwind journey getting up to speed on the various elements of NZISM from its history to the organisations strategic plan, operating systems, financial model and processes, project portfolio, member/sponsor benefits and organisational structure.  In my role as your CEO I will be reviewing all of these aspects, to ensure that we are operating in the most productive and efficient way to meet our organisational objectives.

In my first week, I was lucky enough to attend the HASANZ survey workshop which gave me the opportunity to meet a few of you and get a sense of some of the core issues people working in H&S face.  What has struck me most about the members I have met so far is the degree of passion you have for the health and safety industry.  From what I have been told this is indicative of the entire member base which is truly inspiring.

I am new to the health and safety industry and because I’m not an expert in this field I will rely on you to keep me across those things most important to HSPs.  I’ll be asking a lot of questions because I need to understand how we are doing things in order to look for improvements and I encourage you to share your knowledge, insights and suggestions with me.

As Greg has mentioned previously I have come from the primary healthcare sector working with GPs, Nurses and Pharmacists developing continuing professional development and growing membership and sponsorship of the Goodfellow Unit – a not for profit unit within The University of Auckland.

What I bring to NZISM is energy and determination to take this organisation from its current state to a new level where we are poised to meet the ongoing demands that growth in this industry will require.  In order to effectively support our members and the health and safety industry promoting excellence, integrity and awareness, we need to be operating efficiently and effectively with NZISM at its full potential.  We are the authority on health and safety competence in New Zealand, and through our professional membership and accreditation programme we are advancing towards becoming the definitive voice for health and safety in New Zealand.

As NZISM members, along with industry, our strategic partners and supporters working together on the same goal, with a shared voice and vision we can truly make a difference to the current state of health and safety in New Zealand and I am really excited about the journey we are on, and am looking forward to meeting all of you over the coming months.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to register for the workshops being run by Dr John Green.  These workshops are only open to HASANZ membership associations and are a real benefit especially for those who may have attended the NZISM Safety Differently Masterclass Conducted By Art Of Work.  There is limited availability in Auckland and Wellington so make sure you do not miss out by securing your attendance today, the link to register is on our events page.

Work is continuing on the HASANZ register with the aim of opening up for applications in November.  We are currently finalising grading requirements for the register which will be open to most of our members currently graded at graduate and above.  Watch this space for more information on the application process and for the go live dates.

Please feel free to contact me directly on

Selena Armstrong