Reciprocal Accreditation

NZISM has a reciprocal accreditation agreement with IOSH. This means if you are a current IOSH Technical member or higher you can apply for the equivalent level with NZISM. To apply see the following sections which gives the required information. Once accredited with NZISM you must maintain a copy of your CPD in the IOSH MyCPD system. If at any stage you do not renew your IOSH membership then you must sign up to use the NZISM MyCPD.

Application levels

What you need to do to apply:

You need to complete the relevant application form and upload it along with:

There is an application fee of $115.00 GST Inc to apply. Once your application form is received and the fee paid then your information will usually be sent to the accreditation panel at the start of the next week – it can take approx. a further 2 weeks to get your grade confirmation.

Application form

Download HERE

Click HERE to upload your application form and supporting documentation