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By NZISM Secretary


Hi all NZISM members,

For those of you who follow the NZISM Facebook page you will know I recently represented NZISM at the annual INSHPO workshop and board meeting. You’ll be aware that last year NZISM along with a number of other organisations around the world signed up to support the Singapore Accord which is statement of commitment designed to provide visible support by these organisations of the INSHPO Capability Framework, this being a globally agreed framework which details the capabilities of those working in health and safety roles from entry level through to highly experienced professionals.

Not wanting to be reliant on only one resource the INSHPO Board has been working on a number of other initiatives to support and complement the framework. Much of the meetings content this year has been based on progression of these initiatives and to identify other products that may add value to the health and safety profession.

In addition to this, the board has also reviewed its mission, vision and goals to ensure they accurately reflect the reasons for INSHPO’s existence. It has been an informative couple of days and interesting to note through discussions with other practitioners and industry body representatives in the field that the experiences are very similar across the world in terms of the types of issues being debated within the industry as far as career paths and professional development are concerned.

The INSHPO Board and Executive Committee is made up of association members from America, Canada, Australia, Italy, Singapore, Korea and of course New Zealand through NZISM’s membership of INSHPO.

The group undertook a process of completing a SWOT analysis and as a result some small changes have been made to some wording in the vision and mission, which are detailed below.

VisionThe global recognition of the value of the occupational safety and health profession

INSHPO is the global voice for the occupational safety and health profession and acts as a forum for international collaboration among professional organisations to improve safety and health at work.

Mission- To improve workplace health & safety by advancing OHS professional capabilities and the value of the profession through global collaboration.

The key strategic goals of the organisation are to Promote the Profession and Prepare the Professional. From here a sub-committee has been formed to develop the next iteration of the INSHPO Strategic Plan.

In terms of some of the specific projects the group is working on the following are at various stages of development.

It must be noted that in terms of the tools discussed above that these will all be editable to suit country specific situations.

It was again a pleasure to host a members networking event at this year’s Safeguard conference and give members the opportunity to hear from the minister on key aspects of health and safety from a government perspective. We also had the opportunity to recognise two other members for their efforts and success. Paul Jarvie was awarded Life Membership of the organisation for his many years of contribution to NZISM and Robert Powel, newly elected Auckland Branch Manager has become the first person to progress from Graduate level to Certified level through our own accreditation pathway.

Of course I also had the pleasure of announcing in front of the 600 strong crowd at the New Zealand’s Health and Safety Awards dinner that Terri Coopland was the winner of this year’s NZISM Health and Safety Practitioner of the year award. Along with her day job in Palmerston North, Terri has been a great contributor to our organisation over a number of years.

Finally if you want to hear more about the INSHPO Framework and the work of INSHPO, the immediate past president of the organisation, Eldeen Pozniak from Canada will be a keynote speaker at this year’s HASANZ Conference.

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