CEO's Update 30/6/21

By NZISM Secretary


Kia ora koutou members and supporters. All the branches have now held their AGMs and our local committees have welcomed in a mix of new Branch Managers and committee volunteers. The work your local branches undertake on behalf of NZISM enables members to gather together to share experiences, knowledge and build their local networks. We are incredibly proud of all our volunteers and I want to thank all those who have given their time in support of the profession.

This organisation has been built on the back of an incredibly diverse and passionate group of professionals. To continue to meet the needs of our members locally, it's important to support your local branches by engaging in local events and sharing ideas about what you would like to get out of the local NZISM experience. Your committees are keen to deliver meaningful engagements and they need your guidance to do this effectively. So please reach out to your committees and offer support if you can; suggest topics and speakers, ideas to network, the things you want to see delivered locally. It takes a team of committed people to get it right and each branch has a different approach, so the more you can engage, the better your local experience will be.

It's encouraging to see so many members engaging in the upcoming Masterclass series being delivered by Sidney Dekker. This has been another fantastic opportunity to get a world-leading expert in front of NZISM members. We aim to offer you as many different views and perspectives as possible, so you can take what you like, what you think will work well for you, and apply it in your practice. The opportunity to apply critical thinking to a variety of concepts is what it means to be a professional.

Professionals don’t just wear suits and sit behind desks, they come in many different forms. But what they all have in common is the ability to think critically about the application of theory to their work practice, a high standard of performance, and integrity. By joining NZISM, you have chosen to be part of the member association for the Health and Safety Profession, and you have accepted accountability for your professional conduct. Thank you for being part of the team and for helping NZISM lead the way for the health and safety profession.

Ngā mihi

Selena Armstrong