By NZISM Secretary


Kia ora koutou to all members and supporters of NZISM.

Members will have read in the last newsletter that the recent AGM, held in Christchurch, delivered a successful outcome for the organisation with the new rules gaining unanimous support. We also held our National Executive meeting at which the branch manager network gave support to the new strategy for the organisation for the next 5 years.

The following details key points of the strategy and the areas we are targeting for the future. Our previous strategic goals have unashamedly been aimed at developing quality health and safety practitioners. Whilst this outcome is still very much in our sights we have expanded our approach to include an external approach and this has been described in our revised vision of “Leading the way for the health and safety profession”, with a purpose of influencing better health and safety outcomes at work.

In doing this we are taking a three-pronged approach of focusing on: the individual, being you the members of NZISM; our collective profession; and the external environment. Here, we signal a move to include a focus on those stakeholders where health and safety practitioners and professionals deliver their services, and other organisations that work in the health and safety system whether it be government, the media and the range of other commercial or not for profit businesses that support the health and safety system.

In focusing on these areas, the strategy has five clear work packages. The first and most critical package being the delivery of an exceptional member experience, we remain first and foremost a member organisation and this is where our primary focus is. In supporting this we do need to ensure organisational sustainability; here we turn our attention to areas such as partnering, succession planning and investigating other sources of income to ensure the organisation remains sustainable and relevant. Our third work package is about further developing our members' professional capabilities; this work is related to the ongoing enhancement and refinement of our CPD programme. NZISM aims to be known as trusted and influential in workplace health and safety which has strong links with our approach to stakeholder engagement and our profile in the media. Finally, we want to demonstrate leadership through our positioning on key topics and areas of advocacy. You can see more detail about the strategy further on in this issue of the newsletter.

As a final word on this year’s AGM, due to the terms of the leadership positions being two years there were no votes for roles this year and with the rule changes endorsed we will begin the process of filling the new roles, which you have no doubt seen advertised already, and forming the new senior leadership team. The 2019/2020 year will be my final year as President and with the newly formed Governance Board I look forward to representing the views of members on this group over the next 12 months and setting a strong framework for members views to be incorporated into this groups decision making process going forward.

I will be travelling to a few branch events over the remainder of this calendar year and aim to get around the branches certainly over the next 12 months.

Ngā mihi mahana

Greg Dearsly
If you wish to contact me, please do so by email at president@nzism.org