By NZISM Secretary


NZISM is proud to announce the launch of the Emerging Safety Leaders Network which will support those who are developing their careers in the occupational health and safety industry in New Zealand. The Emerging Safety Leaders Network is being established to provide NZISM members and non-members the opportunity to engage with and learn from their peers.

Feedback we have received from members, tells us that the traditional monthly branch meeting model doesn’t meet the needs of all our members, especially those who are beginning their journey. The breadth and depth of knowledge in the room can be a little overwhelming for some and means not everyone has the confidence to ask the questions required, to continue to develop themselves and get the best out of membership networking opportunities.

Our aim is to ensure that all our members have the opportunity to network, engage, learn and grow. To achieve this, we must provide a variety of opportunities that are effective for all our members. Whether that is branch meetings and presentations, online via webinars and podcasts, or whether this means that we offer targeted networking events. These networks are not exclusive, that means if you have an interest in this area, regardless of whether you identify as being part of this group you are welcome, there is no barrier to engaging with this network. It is just another opportunity that NZISM is offering to ensure the needs of all our members are met.

This will be an open forum which will enable us to increase engagement with OH&S professionals outside of NZISM. For those who are just beginning their journey into OH&S either through their roles as H&S reps, or through studying cognate qualifications, this network will provide information on the career of the OH&S professional with the hope of increasing the number of young people entering the profession.

Initially this network will be established in the main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The concept is to grow the network organically and once established we will look to engage regional facilitators to develop networks within the regions. We have established a national Emerging Safety Leaders Committee and this committee is made up of a facilitator from each of the three main centres as well as our CEO, Selena Armstrong.

Auckland Facilitator: Gareth Beck:

Wellington Facilitator: Josh Dorman:

Christchurch Facilitator: Peter Fritt: and Jen Dransfield:

Each of the facilitators will be establishing a small team of passionate individuals to help them grow their networks. If you are interested in being on a committee in one of the main centres, please get in contact with the relevant facilitator using their email above.

Details on events at each of these regions will be announced via NZISM newsletters, social media networks and the events calendar on the homepage of our website. Keep an eye out for upcoming meetings in your region and bring along a friend or colleague who may also benefit from the Emerging Safety Leaders network.