Changes to the NZISM Accreditation Programme

By NZISM Secretary


NZISM and the grading panel are pleased to announce we have made changes to the way we assess the entry requirements for our graduate level accreditation.Previously we have required members to have completed qualifications that are a minimum NZQA level 6 diploma with 60% of the content in occupational health and safety (OHS) subjects.Any higher-level qualification also required at least 60% of the content to be in OHS subjects.

This means that the higher the qualification you have, the more you were disadvantaged because higher qualifications have more papers, which means a higher number of OHS papers were required to meet the percent requirement.This was not a fair or equitable approach to reviewing qualifications, because those who have higher levels of qualifications were disadvantaged.

We believe that we now have a simple and effective measure that can be applied fairly across the vast range of qualifications that we see at the grading panel.

To attain graduate status within the NZISM accreditation programme, a member must have completed a minimum NZQA level 6 diploma with a total of 90 credits in OH&S subjects.

We have changed what we measure to be credits rather than percent of content.This in no way reduces entry requirements, however it ensures the same amount of OHS knowledge requirements are applied across all qualifications above the minimum level 6 diploma. So, if a member has completed a diploma, degree, graduate diploma or masters, they require 90 credits of the qualification to relate specifically to OHS subjects.

This means that we can now recognise cognate qualifications in the NZISM accreditation programme.For your cognate qualification to be accepted it must be:

OSH refers to the multi-disciplinary approach to effectively managing the safety, health, and welfare of people at work. The identification and control of risks arising from physical, chemical, and other workplace hazards in order to establish and maintain safe and healthy working environments is central to the OSH concept. Although not an exhaustive list, papers that cover the following topics are likely to be acceptable as OHS related papers:

Transcripts must be provided for review in all cases.

At NZISM we are regularly applying a lens to our programme to remain relevant and lead the way for health and safety professionals in New Zealand. Therefore, we will continue to review options for our members to work towards achieving graduate status in the NZISM accreditation programme, while maintaining a high standard that our members can be proud of.

Terri Coopland

Chair of the NZISM Grading Panel