By NZISM Secretary


Members will be aware of NZISM's involvement in INSHPO, an organisation we have been members of since 2010. INSHPO is governed by a Board made up of representatives of all 13 member associations and within that Board is an Executive Committee comprising Vice President, President Elect, President and Immediate Past President. Every year the member associations vote on a new Vice President, as representatives of this committee go through a 4 year cycle of roles; each year the Immediate Past President drops off with the other representatives stepping into the next role.

Recently INSHPO called for nominations for the role of Vice President and NZISM nominated our President, Greg Dearsly, as our representative for this role. Last week INSHPO advised that Greg had been successfully voted into the VP role and will start his term on the 1st January 2020.

"I am honoured to have been voted into this role by the other member associations. My vision for INSHPO is to ensure that the organisation remains relevant and fit for purpose. The world of work is going through significant change and that means INSHPO must be able to adapt to be of continuing value to its global stakeholders. From an NZISM perspective our continued involvement with INSHPO is important to ensure we keep pace with, and contribute to, the development of global initiatives, and now our term on the Executive Committee will enable more New Zealand context to be bought to discussions." Greg Dearsly

INSHPO's 2020 Executive Committee
Greg Dearsly - Vice President, NZISM, New Zealand
John Hollohan - President Elect, BCRSP, Canada
Nathan Winter - President, AIHS, Australia
Barry Wilkes - Immediate Past President, NEBOSH, UK

Secretariat for INSHPO will be undertaken by BCRSP