Learning Teams Mentoring Programme

By NZISM Secretary



Learning Teams, from the original work of Dr Todd Conklin, is being used more and more as a way of building a cultural practice of learning about safety, quality and environment for both the organisation and workers. The work being undertaken by the authors of the “Practice of Learning Teams”, Brent Sutton, Glynis McCarthy and Brent Robinson, is to extend that notion of learning from accidents and incidents to change management and everyday work activities. (Podcasts)

As part of their support and commitment to building a better community of practice in the new view of safety, and the important role that NZISM plays in raising the bar of safety practitioners, Learning Teams Inc is sponsoring and funding a 12-month mentoring programme for a cohort of 6 NZISM members.

The programme will consist of

  • Identifying how Learning Teams could be applied by the cohort in their roles
  • Co-constructing a learning development plan with each person to build their skills
  • Co-constructing an embedding plan in applying Learning Teams in a specific organisational need
  • Monthly coaching and mentoring sessions (online) on your plan and progress
  • Participation in a podcast special on your journey and learnings

The coaching and mentoring sessions will also include special guests each quarter (local and international) on innovation, leadership and embedding learning as a cultural practice.

To apply
Email admin@nzism.org no later than Friday 24th September 2021 and include:

  1. A short bio about you and your passion for improving safety.
  2. How you think Learning Teams will help your own professional development.
  3. How you would apply Learning Teams in your organisation/practice.

The NZISM Senior Leadership Team will select the participants.
The programme will start in October 2021.