By NZISM Secretary


Kia ora koutou to all members and supporters of NZISM.

The 15th March 2019 is obviously a date that will be significant for New Zealand, Selena’s message in the last newsletter reflected well the support NZISM has for all people effected and involved and the impact this event will continue to have. I thought I would briefly share my experience. Having flown out of NZ on that morning, we landed in Tokyo and turned on phones and were bewildered by messages about how awful the Christchurch attack was, of course we knew nothing about it. It was a challenging experience to be so far from home when such an event occurs, a fellow passenger we met was a young New Zealand Police officer who upon reading the articles and emails knew her job and life had changed forever.

We then headed to France and over the next week or so spoke to a number of people about their experiences and thoughts, obviously France has had a number of terror attacks and so they were empathetic to what had occurred in NZ. The event and associated issues were pretty visible on international media platforms including the New York Times and local French new papers. My thoughts are with all those effected.

I have recently returned from the annual INSHPO Board Meeting and Workshop where member associations of INSHPO gather to determine our work for the coming 12-month period. Member countries and organisation’s of INSHPO include North America represented by American Society of Safety Professionals and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, Canada represented by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers and the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals, the UK, represented by IOSH and NEBOSH, Australia and the Safety Institute of Australia, Italy through the Italian Association for Environment and Safety who also provide links with ENSHPO (European Network of Safety and Health Practitioner Organisations), IOSH Mauritius, the Singapore Institution of Safety Officers, the Korean Occupational Safety and Health Agency, Russia’s National Association of Occupational Safety and Health Centres and of course NZISM from New Zealand.

This year’s workshop had a distinct focus on securing longevity for not only INSHPO as an organisation but also the Capability Framework which was launched in Singapore at the World Health and Safety Congress in 2017, of which NZISM was an inaugural signatory, now joined in New Zealand by Victoria University.

The framework now has 52 signatories across 16 countries and INSHPO’s focus is on how we can further expand the market through increased visibility, much of this will be attended to at the next World Congress on Health and Safety being held in Toronto in 2020 where INSHPO will look to existing signatories to provide case study information on how they are using the framework in their countries. In addition to this we (INSHPO) need to ensure the framework is kept current, the world of work is a moving target and to ensure the framework remains relevant a timetable of reviews must be undertaken, it is likely this will occur on a 3 to 5-year cycle. There are already a few areas in the framework which need updating and some subject areas which would enhance the framework if they were added. Some NZISM members participated in a validation survey of the framework last year, the results of this have been collated and INSHPO is looking at what responses are needed to address the feedback received. It is fair to say that the feedback indicated that the framework is an appropriate reflection of the work undertaken by the health and safety profession globally.

The upkeep of the framework and its associated design documents and wireframes is an expensive and time-consuming process particularly for an organisation run by volunteers (not unlike aspects of NZISM and HASANZ). Wireframe projects like the Position Description Builder initiative and Self-Assessment document are being reviewed as to the usefulness and stakeholder value alongside costs to develop and maintain. The organisation is looking to obtain costings to continue these projects and decisions will need to be made of priorities over coming years as to where the best value is seen in the development of some of these initiatives. Alongside annual membership fees some of the larger member organisations have provided significant additional financial and in-kind contribution for some of INSHPO’s key projects.

In addition to the Framework and supporting documents the organisation is keen to expand its work into other areas that could benefit the global industry, we need to make sure that INSHPO is not just about the Framework. A session was held to identify other areas of work that could be pursued, this included the following. Work around demographics, diversity and the changing nature of work, a focus on human capital and Organisational sustainability with a people focus, project work on specific areas of interest including risks of terrorism for workplaces, mental health, wellbeing or total worker health, ISO 45001 and a new ISO Standard being investigated around Psychosocial Risk, supporting research topics related to areas that cover the value and effectiveness of the profession and/or the value of safety management systems and finally investigating the future needs of the profession.

The full day workshop was then followed by the annual board meeting at which standard subjects were covered including finances, upcoming election of officers and future meetings. In 2018 INSHPO elected to hold two meetings a year, NZISM has determined it is not likely to be cost effective for us to attend two face to face events annually as they are in most cases in the Northern Hemisphere, along with this the time commitment is significant. The next meeting is being held in Milan in October, we will aim to be represented via video link on this occasion.

In addition to this there were a range of other areas discussed. Secretariat for INSHPO is provided over a two-year term by one of the member associations. ASSP currently do this and their term ends at the end of 2019, so there was much discussion about how this will be managed from 2020 onwards. Costing’s for this service are being reviewed along with a scoping review of the work to enable the next provider to have clarity in these areas. An expression of interest will be sent to member associations later in the year and that will determine our way forward. A significant factor in how the secretariat is run relates to in which country the organisation is registered and the governance requirements specific to that country.

The organisation has recently drafted a suite of operational procedures, all of which were reviewed, many were approved with some requiring further work. One of these included the membership SOP. There has been increased interest globally from organisations wishing to join INSHPO so as a board we are having to look at the governance implications of expanded membership and how this would work, membership has been static for a number of years and while the organisation doesn’t want to have an expanded governance group the time has come for a review of membership to be undertaken.

As has been previously highlighted the World Health and Safety Congress is in Toronto in early October 2020, INSHPO will have a presence there and the board discussed what opportunities exist around speaking spots, sponsorship and side events. If there are any NZISM members who are interested in attending this event we are looking to make up a group and attend the event together. In the past there have been discounts applied to tickets for INSHPO member associations so hopefully that will be the case again in 2020. If you are interested in attending, get in touch with me directly and we can set up a communications network.

NZISM is proud to be associated with INSHPO and I am honoured to be able to represent our organisation within this group, it is a truly collaborative environment whose focus is purely on Promoting the Profession and Preparing the Professional.

With the recent event in Christchurch I reflect on the word Resilience, (Pakari) and share the whakatauki, He toka tū moana, “As durable as a rock pounded by the surf”. That to me is New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Nga mihi nui

Greg Dearsly

If you wish to contact me, please do so by email at president@nzism.org