INSHPO Intern opportunity 2023

By NZISM Secretary


A message to members, received from INSHPO President, Greg Dearsly

Hi all members of INSHPO,

We are now half-way through 2022 and I hope you are starting to see some benefits from getting back to some kind of normal as we emerge from the impact of the various restrictions caused by the COVID-19 Virus.

INSHPO volunteers

You will be well aware that INSHPO is a volunteer organisation which, at times, needs to call upon members to contribute to the workload associated with completion of our strategic plan deliverables. The work undertaken by volunteers is a critical component of how we operate and key in our continued ability to deliver on our strategy.

INSHPO benefits

As with all member associations, benefits to members are an important component of our strategy. INSHPO members currently have benefits related to:

  • international collaboration with like organisations;
  • the ability to contribute to the creation of industry related resources;
  • networking with other organisations; and
  • the use of resources created by INSHPO.

We are excited to announce an additional benefit with the launch of an Intern programme, providing a pathway for health and safety professionals to enhance their career.

Intern opportunity 2023

The Intern opportunity is available for individuals, who are members of your organisations and are interested in developing their experience in leadership and governance in an international setting, by interacting with an international board of directors. Applicants require a letter of support from you, the INSHPO member association.

The Intern placement is scheduled to start in January 2023 with the application and assessment process taking place over the next few months.

Please communicate this message to your membership and invite them to check out in more detail the Eligibilty Criteria, Deliverables and Application Form.

We look forward to seeing applications come through over the next couple of months.

Greg Dearsly
INSHPO President