​NZISM and Women in Safety NZ Network Combine Forces

By NZISM Secretary


The Women in Safety Excellence NZ network has been running for a number of years now. Established by Margaret van Schaik and Helen Parkes in 2010, it has a network for more than 130 members around New Zealand, from all different backgrounds. The network promotes the equity and advancement of women in the safety profession, striving to continuously influence industry to address current and future safety challenges affecting women in the workforce locally, nationally and globally.

Internationally Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) common interest groups are well established with the goal of advancing their members and the safety profession through education, mentorship, networking, collaboration, research and innovation. With the increase in its membership and the need to support its growth, WISE NZ reached out to NZISM. With our existing mentor programme, and the administrative support NZISMs national office can provide, this is a fantastic opportunity to partner with an existing network whose goals and ambitions align perfectly with ours.

NZISM is proud to welcome the Women in Safety Excellence NZ network on board as a special interest group. The fundamental activities of the group won’t change, the purpose remains the same, to promote the equity and advancement of women in the safety profession. What we will do is offer administrative support and project management expertise to this network to ensure its ongoing success, following in the footsteps of other Women in Safety Excellence groups around the globe.

Margaret van Schaik will continue to lead this special interest group and we will be working through details over the coming months about how we can best support this network. We would like to establish a committee to help with the ongoing development of this group and we are seeking a team of volunteers who are interested in the advancement of women in safety. This network is not exclusive to women or NZISM members, anyone who has an interest in this area is welcome. If you would like to participate in the Women in Safety Excellence NZ network, please contact Selena on ceo@nzism.org.

We have the first NZISM sponsored Women in Safety Excellence NZ event happening alongside the Safeguard Conference, on Monday 27th May 2019.