Notice to Accredited Members

By NZISM Secretary


As a professional member of NZISM you are required to undertake and record continuing professional development as part of your professional practice. You will notice that instead of the standard $60 fee to access the Skillsure MyCPD platform, you will be charged $30.

NZISM will not be renewing the contract with SkillSure past September 2020, so this is a part year fee for access. Instead, we are developing an area within our own website that can be used to record your CPD. This will mean there is no ongoing cost for our accredited members and non accredited members will have a place to record their CPD if they wish to.

At this stage there is nothing you need to do, however once we have completed the development of the MyCPD area within the NZISM website, we will be sending out instructions on how to download your records from the current Skillsure MyCPD platform and how to upload this information to your NZISM webpage. You will have a 6-month window to do this before your access to SkillSure is closed. For those NZISM members who are also IOSH members and wish to continue to follow the IOSH CPD pathway, IOSH will provide updates to their CPD tool. NZISM will continue to accept the IOSH CPD process as meeting our own and you will be audited via IOSH.

We hope that this change is a welcome one, it means that once you have paid for your initial accreditation within the NZISM, there is no ongoing cost to being an NZISM accredited member.