Working Together for better outcomes

By NZISM Secretary


Working Together for Better Outcomes

President's Blog

The health and safety community in New Zealand is small and interconnected in a wide variety of ways, and much of what we get done and how we get it done, is based on a foundation of good relationships. This is very noticeable when sitting on the HASANZ governance group along with the other health and safety disciplines as we work to raise the profile of what we do to wider New Zealand.

As one of the larger health and safety associations, it’s particularly important for NZISM to take a leadership role and be advocating enthusiastically for health and safety. Our actions provide benefits wider than our membership, extending to our health and safety related colleagues, people, and employers, in workplaces across the country.

I am very fortunate to have a strong working relationship with Jodi Wright, the CEO (president equivalent) of the New Zealand Safety Council. This means that when we serve together at the various workshops, conferences and board meetings we are able to collectively champion the common goals of our organisations and our members.

We all want improving health and safety outcomes for New Zealand, and Jodi and I support each other so that our combined influence is productive. Our work together has included, for example:

  • raising the profile of the impact of the Private Investigators Act (2010);
  • increasing the marketing influence of HASANZ; and
  • working to have a strategic relationship with WorkSafe.

Our combined influence means that we have a stronger voice in decision making processes. I have always been keen on having closer working relationships with other organisations and associations, and I know the way forward is to consider how we can work collaboratively together to deliver effective and cohesive health and safety outcomes across the country

Ngā mihi,

Robyn Bennett