26 JULY 2018

We all know the importance of having a positive Health and Safety culture, but actually having that culture in practice in the workplace is much more easily said than done.

Presented by Helene Seidel-Sterzik, the Implementation manager at ecoPortal and Chris O'Flaherty, the Health and Safety Manger at Juken, we will be showcasing effective implementation and change management strategies so that you can have the same positive impact on Health and Safety culture that Juken and other ecoPortal clients have experienced.

During this webinar, we will be discussing how to:

  • Figure out the best change management approach to take depending on the type and structure of your organisation.
  • Train your staff to become teachers.
  • Effectively engage different stakeholders with examples of posters, on-boarding packs, newsletters etc.
  • Pilot test a new HSEQ system at different levels.
  • Manage important considerations for end users like computer literacy and additional training needs.
  • Help all stakeholders to adopt their H & S responsibilities.
  • Collect and use feedback to engage your staff and continuously improve your system.

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