Canterbury Breakfast Meeting

22/02/2019 07:00am to 8:30am

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Speaker 1: Brendon Nally

Director at Team guardian, which promotes portable communication systems.

He will give a short presentation on a way to monitor the safety of staff, regardless of where they might be i.e at a factory in a major city, in trucks travelling across the country, people traveling out of cellular and radio coverage, or lone workers in the back of beyond ensuring they receive prompt assistance in the event of an incident.
Speaker 2: Betsy Haley, MBA (Dist), BA Psych

Betsy is an organisational consultant and facilitator who specialises in mindfullness training. Her emphasis is on sharing mindfulness practices that cultivate focus, selfawareness, wellbeing and resilience.


Tait Business Park

245 Wooldridge Road
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