Webinar Series: Fact or Fiction with Chris Peace

24/02/2021 12:30pm to 1:30pm

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As H&S Practitioners and Professionals we can sometimes struggle to find good information about the risks we are managing. In this series, Chris Peace will show us where we can go to secure reliable information in relation to a wide range of practical topics. In each webinar he will reference formal research and identify quality sources that enable us to establish fact from fiction.

Session 1: Intermediate Bulk Containers

Chris will talk about intermediate bulk containers, their origin, uses, hazards, risks and the possible events that may occur as part of their use. IBCs are now widely used in place of steel drums, especially when packing liquids and powders in shipping containers. However, research and experience show that contents can escape, potentially harming people and causing adverse events.

Chris will talk about how to find available information that is reliable (both in relation to IBCs and generally).


After graduation in 1974 Chris worked in a regulatory role in the UK, enforcing health and safety legislation, and then moved to New Zealand in 1980. Here he changed careers and worked in risk management before returning to the UK in 1990 where he continued to work in risk management and studied for an MSc in risk management and safety technology.

Returning to New Zealand in 1995, Chris continued to work in risk management before joining the Natural Gas Corporation in 2000 where he was the corporate Risk Manager. In 2003 he left NGC and established Risk Management Ltd as an evidence-based risk management consultancy. In 2005-2012 Chris taught risk management part-time at Massey University and then moved to Victoria University to research ‘The effectiveness of risk assessments’ for his PhD, graduating in 2019. He is a Certified Fellow of NZISM and Chartered Fellow of IOSH.

In April 2020 Chris joined the School of Health as Lecturer in Occupational Health and Safety teaching papers on management and assessment of risk in the Master’s programme. In 2021 he will be course coordinator for the Research Project paper. Chris has a firm belief that effective risk management helps drive organisational improvement and is part of all managers’ responsibilities.


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