Webinar: A bird with two wings: Integrating your business approaches to H&S and E&S

10/09/2020 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Strategic trainer, Clare Feeney, has seen a few “oopsies” over the years where Health & Safety and Environment & Sustainability professionals have missed good opportunities to work together. These two skilled professions can be difficult to diffuse changes in practice and culture throughout an organisation. That said, there are plenty of organisational synergies that can be harnessed to align and optimise efficiencies between H&S and E&S. Clare will look beyond “zero harm” to the emerging model of regenerative businesses that heal people and places and will demonstrate two simple models for business alignment and change. She’ll wrap up with five practical steps you can take to support the work of your H&S and E&S professionals.


Clare Feeney is Director of Environmental Communications Ltd and founder of the Environment and Sustainability Strategic Training Institute (ESSTI). She helps business, government and non-profit bodies make a bigger difference faster to pressing environmental issues. Her unique exponential training model supports sustainability experts by ensuring their strategies and training programmes have measurable – and monetised – outcomes that create jobs, grow profits and improve the environment. Clare’s book 'How to Change the World - A practical guide to successful environmental training' comes out of her 30-plus years of hands-on environmental management and training experience. Clare has worked with local and national governments, factories, farms, mines, first peoples and big construction sites – but she got out of sewage treatment before she fell in. Find out more at https://esst.institute/


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