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Webinar: How to create a robust and deep risk assessment for your business

05/05/2022 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Undertaking risk assessments in a dynamic working environment can be tricky. Workers need to be kept safe even when the requirements or hazard exposures are constantly changing around you. COVID-19 has been an obvious example of this. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of a skill set that enables you to really, genuinely understand your organisation's hazards and risks. With a genuine understanding, OHS professionals can maintain standards even when the goalposts change.

So how DO you keep all the balls juggling? Is it possible when you have little experience with the type of hazard? Join Steffan Cavill-Fowler as he guides you though these issues. Steffan will refer to COVID as a relevant example but the tools he will introduce you to can be used for any environment and any risk profile.


Steffan is Environmental Health & Safety Manager at Lockheed Martin NZ. Over the last 25 years, Steffan has worked in emergency management and safety roles within many organisations. His broad experience spans health planning, Public Health responses, overseas deployments for the NZDF, and disaster and business continuity. This varied background has enabled Steffan to hone the mix of techniques and analysis models that best work for him - and he's happy to share them with you in this session.


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