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Webinar: Managing risk in adventure tourism

08/12/2021 11:00am to 12:00pm

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Risk is something that most people spend a huge amount of time trying to reduce in our workplace - but what if risk was the very reason you are in business? That is the day-to-day reality for those involved in the Adventure Tourism Sector.

Jamie Simpson will share his start in the industry, employed by companies on the African continent. Jamie has a unique understanding of dealing with hazards in this special part of the world. He will be sharing his insights and learnings and explaining how work in adventure tourism relates to work in a normal commercial environment. Jamie now undertakes audits as part of the new framework for Adventure Tourism, lending his experience as to how the industry approaches risk and control on a daily basis.

Presenter Bio:

Jamie Simpson is the international director for incident investigation and problem-solving company, Kelvin TOP-SET. He spends his time travelling the globe running training courses and conducting major investigations into safety and quality events and process failures across a range of high hazard industries. Prior to this role Jamie spent 14 years running his own rafting, kayaking, and mountaineering operations in Uganda. While based in Africa he also worked with many high hazard industries across the continent specialising in risk management and survival training in some risky and remote locations. In the past he has managed AdventureMark, an operation which has been instrumental in rolling out the Adventure Activities safety regulations implemented by WorkSafe. A qualified management systems, quality and safety auditor and technical expert for various adventure activities, he can usually be found kayaking the rivers or mountain biking and trail running around his home in Taupo.

Please note, the date and time of this webinar has been changed from the original scheduled date


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