image for WISE Webinar: Wellbeing and Burnout for Women

WISE Webinar: Wellbeing and Burnout for Women

20/09/2023 01:00pm to 2:00pm

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Women in the safety profession are often tasked with the responsibility to protect others.

This year, the WISE network is delighted to invite you to a webinar that will put the focus back on how you are looking after yourself.

It will cover all the basics on wellbeing and burnout for women – what it is, what warning signs to look out, and how to prevent it – presented jointly by clinical psychologist Bronwyn Moth and Dr Amanda Wallis from Umbrella Wellbeing.

With time for Q&A at the end, Bron and Amanda will present on:

  • Key information about women and wellbeing in the workplace (including the good parts!)
  • What you should know about burnout from an organisational perspective
  • What to look out for on an individual level, including:
    • Identifying personal warning signs
    • Oscillating between challenge and rest periods
    • Dialling in support in and outside of work
    • And other tools for looking after your wellbeing


Dr Amanda Wallis
Research, Development & Innovation Lead
BA, BSc (Hons), PhD (Psychology), Dip Pos Psych & Wellbeing

In her role leading the research programme at Umbrella Wellbeing, Amanda is motivated by helping people to develop lasting healthy habits and strengthen their wellbeing. She draws on her research experience to generate research reports and journal articles, inform innovation strategy and development, and uphold scientific rigour across all of Umbrella’s services.

As a thought leader in the field of behaviour change and wellbeing, Amanda is a regular contributor to the Stuff Business column and Umbrella’s newsletter, sharing her research-backed commentaries on both individual and organisational wellbeing. Her passion is in translating research into practical strategies for change and she is dedicated to expanding our collective knowledge about “what works” when it comes to behaviour change.

Amanda graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with a PhD in Psychology, along with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours). Her doctoral research examined behaviour change around natural hazard preparedness, the core principles of which she now applies to her work with organisational wellbeing.

As part of her PhD research, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship which sent her to the USA for an ambassadorship while completing her doctoral studies. She is a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society and has previously worked in the public sector using her psychology background to improve organisational development practices.

Bronwyn Moth

Clinical Lead, Enhanced EAP
Registered Clinical Psychologist
PGDipClinPsy, MSc(Hons), BSc, DipP&RMgt, ComRec & OutdoorEd

With almost 25 years of experience in clinical psychology, Bron has developed expertise in a range of areas related to mental health and wellbeing, trauma, supervision, training and group facilitation. She is known as a competent, resilient, warm practitioner who is genuinely passionate about helping others learn and develop.

After initially studying and training in outdoor education and community recreation, Bron worked abroad facilitating adventure-based therapy to a range of populations, including disadvantaged youth in New York. After becoming interested in psychological change and group-based therapy, Bron returned to New Zealand to train in clinical psychology at the University of Canterbury. As a clinical psychologist, she has worked in Corrections and mental health, and with staff from both the New Zealand and Australian Defense Forces. She has also worked with people who are neurodiverse (and those who support them), and in private practice (both in Australia and New Zealand).

Bron has carried out individual and group-based psychological assessment and treatment with youth and adult populations and provides professional supervision and coaching to service, medical, psychological and leadership personnel. She is also a consultant for the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD), trained to provide a range of courses in Positive Behavior Support in New Zealand. She has specific interests in providing training, mindfulness and helping people to live “good lives”. One of Bron’s strengths is her passion to support people to understand and make sense of science and research in a way that helps them use this information to improve their wellbeing—and the wellbeing of those they work and live with.