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Psychosocial Risk Workshop: Gisborne

07/11/2023 01:00pm to 3:30pm

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NZISM is delighted to be working with Umbrella to support members in an area coming into increasingly sharp focus - psychosocial risk in the workplace. We know what it is and understand why it's beneficial for both individuals and organisations to operate in a place that promotes Mentally Healthy Work.

But how do we assess where our organisation currently stands?

And what do we need to put in place to ensure our workplaces do more than pay lip service to Mentally Healthy Work?

Psychosocial risk workshop

Creating mentally healthy work and managing psychosocial risk is a growing area of interest for health and safety practitioners and leaders alike. Organisations are increasingly focusing on understanding how to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce.

This 2-hour workshop facilitated by Umbrella Wellbeing will provide participants foundational knowledge on psychological health and safety, and an understanding of psychosocial risk frameworks and assessment.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the core elements of Mentally Healthy Work
  • Understand Psychosocial Risk and your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • Introduction to ISO45003 Global Standard for Workplace Psychosocial Health
  • Develop an understanding of the ‘How’ and ‘What’ for conducting a good assessment of psychosocial risk
  • Learn about Umbrella's 12 Factor Framework assessing Psychosocial Risk
  • Learn about the core pillars that support organisations to create an environment for Mentally Healthy Work

Your facilitator - Dr Dougal Sutherland

Dougal has been working as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years and is the CEO of Umbrella Wellbeing. Dougal’s work providing psychological support to workplaces and employees has seen him assist an array of organisations, including government departments and private companies. This work has taken him around the country and around the world, providing help to everyone from stressed-out bureaucrats in Wellington, to victims of car-jackings, to people living in a constant state of fear due to impending missile attacks.

Dougal has a passion for making psychology more accessible to the general public and has worked with the media in print, radio, and TV. His skill at translating expert psychological knowledge into accessible learning experiences contributes to Dougal’s training expertise, and his ability to support individual clients to make effective changes.

Dougal is also an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at Te Herenga Waka–Victoria University of Wellington in the School of Psychology clinical psychology training programme, where he contributes to the training of the next generation of clinical psychologists.

Previously, Dougal has worked in public mental health services providing psychological support to children, parents, and families. He also managed a large and diverse team through a time of significant growth and change in the business. He is a highly respected leader who brings this deep understanding of people to his facilitation, and now to his role as Umbrella CEO.


Lawson Field Theatre

7 Fitzherbert Street
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