Webinar: NZISM Presents: Health and Safety Innovation

12/11/2019 07:00pm to 7:45pm

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Embracing an innovative approach to health and safety means believing that the answer to performance challenges is not to try harder, but to seek out new solutions. This webinar will provide an overview of a systematic and human centered innovation to generate new and hopefully better ways.

Our Presenter: Daniel Hummerdal is Chief Advisor, Health and Safety Innovation, at WorkSafe New Zealand. After an initial career as a commercial pilot, Daniel studied psychology. Since then, he has worked as an accident investigator with the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, and as a Human Factors consultant in high risk industries in France and Australia. His goal is to facilitate the development of better solutions in which people’s potential is engaged and realised. Daniel is also the founder of www.safetydifferently.com.