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Auckland Branch Meeting: Why Hunting Accidents Happen

16/03/2021 06:00pm to 7:00pm

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Karl Bridges PhD, will present on his PhD research to the Auckland Branch in respect of why Hunting Accidents happen.

Karl is a New Zealand Certified Human Factors Professional and HASANZ Registered Practitioner. He is also a Chartered Human Factors Professional and a Fellow Member of the UKs Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. Karl has recently obtained a PhD with the University of Auckland studying the causes of why hunters misidentify the animal they are hunting for and end up shooting a human being by mistake. He utilised some of the core concepts of Safety-II, Systems Thinking, individual differences and Physiological effects on performance. While hunting may not be considered mainstream to everyday health and safety management, the research was conducted on your regular Joe/Josephine Public. Affording the opportunity to identify parallels between Karl’s research and the human factor in the workplace. The talk that Karl plans to deliver will be non-academic, easily understandable, humorous at times, potential tearful at others but overall to provide insight to those attending


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