Sponsor Webinar: WFH - The new normal expanding horizons for HSE, HR professionals

11/02/2021 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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The new normal of flexible work is here to stay and organisations are adapting to harness this surging wave to remain relevant and competitive! The move from ‘working alone’ to ‘working at home’ has meant applying a different set of lenses and learnings for HSE professionals.

In this series of 30-minute webinars we discuss WFH trends and issues that are currently emerging and discuss with attendee participation how health and safety professionals get more ‘management ear’ and be recognised by C and board level for contributions they make.

This interactive webinar will be co-chaired by Dr Liz Kirk, Founder at ERGO and Deepak Selvaratnam, founder at RemotAbility – the remote work assessment tool.

Dr Liz Kirk

Dr Kirk is one of Australia’s leading researchers and trainers in the new ergonomic and self-care competencies a requisite for the increasingly mobile, screen-intensive workplace we live in.

Dr Kirk started her career with a degree in human movement, before moving into experiential learning, and training and development.

Now, as the founder and lead trainer of Beyond Ergo, Dr Kirk and her team design and deliver programs and talks in a range of formats, including keynotes, virtual workshops, lunchtime talks, and programs specifically designed to enhance todays WFH workforce.



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