Webinar Series: Pocket Guide to Learning Teams 7pm session

03/03/2021 07:00pm to 8:00pm

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Brent Sutton and Glynis McCarthy will present a 3-module series as a ‘Pocket Guide to Learning Teams’. These sessions are for people to gain knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of Learning Teams.

Learning Teams encourage curiosity, teamwork and understanding and can be used to learn from normal work as well as incidents.

Wed 03 March - Session 1: The 5 Principles of Learning Teams
Wed 10 March - Session 2: The 3 Modes of Learning Teams
Wed 17 March - Session 3: Engaging Leadership/The Role of the Facilitator

Learning outcomes for Session 1:
  1. Why learning and improving is a valuable risk management strategy for continuous improvement?
  2. What is operational learning?
  3. How does Learning Teams fit in the current and new view of safety
  4. Understanding that Work-As-Imagined and Work-As-Done give context to better understanding risk.
  5. Why functional diversity gives better context to risk?
  6. Why workers have the best knowledge and understanding of the problem?
  7. Why putting more effort put into understanding the problem gives better solution outcomes?
  8. Why diversity of thought is valuable in the understanding of complex systems?


Brent works in partnership with organisations in the commercial, government and education sector. Brent is well regarded as a safety coach and for taking organisations on a learning journey to understand how workers are seen as the solution, how to engage people and leverage their skills so that worker participation becomes a new way of running an organisation.

Brent is the project architect for New Zealand's most significant Court Ordered Project Order granted under the Health and Safety at Work Act, which is to develop, train and implement a Learning Teams framework for the maritime industry.

Brent is one of the authors of the new book "The Practice of Learning Teams: Learning and improving safety, quality and operational excellence.", with a foreword by Dr. Todd Conklin, released August 2020. He is also a host of the weekly podcast series on Safety FM called "The Practice of Learning Teams".

BIO: Glynis McCarthy

Glynis has over 20 years experience in developing tailored solutions to help employees work smarter and safer. She has worked across a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, service, health and education.


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