Webinar: Decision Making in Uncertainty

21/01/2021 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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This webinar is brought to you by the Auckland Branch in conjunction with ESL. To register, use the link below


The majority of safety professionals and those operating in high-risk environments have to deal with uncertainty on a daily basis. The problem with uncertainties is that they are managed by emotion, not logic. They are managed through biases and heuristics, and make use of previous experiences and are driven by pressures, goals and rewards from the operational environment. Gareth will provide an insight into his work which spans multiple domains from military aviation, healthcare, power generation and his passion, the diving community and how this can help you deal with uncertainties.


Since 2011, Gareth has been on a mission to take the human factors and crew resource management lessons learned from his 25 year military aviation career and apply it to diving. In 2016, he formed The Human Diver (https://www.thehumandiver.com) with the goal to bring human factors, non-technical skills and a Just Culture to the diving industry via a number of different online and face-to-face programmes. Since then, he has trained more than 350 divers from across the globe in face-to-face programmes and nearly 1500 people are subscribed to his online micro-class. In March 2019, he published ‘Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors’ (https://www.thehumandiver.com/underpressure) which has sold more than 3500 copies and on 20 May 2020, the documentary ‘If Only…’ (https://www.thehumandiver.com/ifonly) was released which tells the story of a tragic diving accident through the lens of human factors and a Just Culture. He has presented globally to share his passion and knowledge. Since June 2018 he has been part of the Paradigm Human Performance team who are making a global name for themselves in the field of Human and Organisational Performance.


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