Webinar Series: Conducting a HSMS Audit

13/04/2021 07:00pm to 8:00pm

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On the surface it doesn't sound too tricky but do you REALLY understand the the intention of an Audit versus an Inspection or Review? Dan Davis will start with the basics, making sure you understand the purpose and scope, before moving on to the importance of report writing and how you can best communicate your findings positively

Session 1: Scope

What is an audit? How is it different from an inspection and a review?

Why has the audit been requested, and by whom?

What standard will the audit be against?

What type of audit will it be?

Where will the audit be conducted? Which parts of the organisation will be included and excluded?

Who are the main auditee contacts? Who else from the auditee will need to be involved? Who will be part of the audit team?

When will the audit be scheduled for? Preparing an audit programme and audit plan.


Dan Davis is a chartered Health & Safety professional with over 15 years' experience working across a diverse range of workplaces. Part of his current role is conducting audits and reviews and delivering auditing training for IMPAC who are a Corporate Supporter of NZISM. What drives Dan is a passion for helping organisations and individuals to re-think health and safety risk management and practice


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