Nippin Anand Masterclass Workshop

08/07/2020 08:30am to 10:30am

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The five online workshops will run on Wednesday mornings throughout July.

Learning from Accidents: The Costa Concordia Case

On the 13th January 2012, the luxury passenger ship Costa Concordia collided with rocks and capsized off the island of Giglio in Italy resulting in a loss of 32 lives.

To the media of the day it became a tale of fate, intrigue, heroes and villans.

Why should this story matter to anyone?

Many of us working across safety critical industries are becoming increasingly interested in understanding the role of human factors in aligning safety and well-being with our business objectives. Each day we are being confronted with new ideas, theories and frameworks. A growing body of knowledge is pulling us in different directions:

and so on. With these emerging concepts comes a new vocabulary that is not always easy to understand let alone relate to and put this into practice.

The Costa Concordia case is organised as a comprehensive human story of an accident. The five workshops will immerse you in the emerging concepts in safety sciences and, by the end, you will have accomplished a course in contemporary safety covering a broad syllabus. Throughout the five sessions, there will be ample opportunity to reflect on your experience and relate with the case.


Nippin Anand is a licensed Master Mariner and a social scientist with more than two decades work experience in the maritime, oil and gas sector that spans hands-on operations, academic research, consultancy, and certification and regulation.

He is an internationally recognised specialist in human factors and safety management and his mission is to help people link theory and practice.

Workshop 2

Human and organisational factors in safety critical operations

The second workshop focuses on the events leading up to the accident. More specifically we ask the question – how could a team of competent professionals not have noticed a gigantic ship heading into the rocks? We examine both human as well as organisational factors behind the scene and our research goes far beyond risk and safety and touches upon deeper systemic issues mirrored across safety critical industries. This session provides a deeper understanding of teamwork, leadership, and more generally team dynamics in safety critical operations. You will begin to appreciate the obscurity of concepts such as technical and non-technical skills, crew resource management and error detection and management. We will also examine the organisational factors and enquire why systemic issues come to surface only once an accident occurs. What can this tell us about the state of risk and safety management (safety audits, risk assessments etc.) within our organisations?


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