Auckland Monthly Meeting

26/02/2019 06:00pm to 7:30pm

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At some point (if something does not go according to plan), we as Health and Safety professionals may have to take part in a Duty Holder Review. What is a DHR? What is our role? What does Worksafe expect? Neil Mookerjee, the Duty Holder Team Leader will demystify the process and explain what it is all about. He will also illustrate a few notable examples on some of the cases they have encountered, and how to make it easier for all involved.

Rob Powell will also talk about the NZISM CPD process and how to use the CPD system - a must for those technician level members who need to record CPD in order to progress to Graduate Membership.

Networking starts at 5:30 for a 6pm kick-off. Please allow travel time as the traffic is normally heavy (especially if it is raining)


3m HQ, Apollo Drive

94 Apollo Drive
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