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Sidney Dekker Masterclass Series

14/07/2021 12:00pm to 1:30pm

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Masterclass 1

Understanding 'Human Error'

We have long seen ‘human error’ as a major cause of trouble—as if we’re the custodians of basically safe systems that simply need to be protected from erratic, unreliable human behavior. With tighter procedures, a focus on compliance, technology, surveillance and supervision, we think we can contain an acceptable bandwidth of human performance.

In this masterclass, you will learn that the label ‘human error’ has been a counterproductive attribution, a judgment we make after the fact, ever since human factors and safety scientists started to study it seriously. Some 80 years ago already, the science showed that ‘human error’ is systematically connected to features of people’s tools, tasks and operating environment. The human performance some call ‘error’ is information about how people have been set up for success (or not) to cope with the complexities and contradictions of real work.

You will learn that a ‘human error’ problem is at least as complex as the organisation that helps bring it forth, and that with a better understanding of the messy details of people’s daily practice, you can find the adaptive capacities that actually make things go right despite ever-present goal conflicts and resource constraints.

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