Webinar Series: Change with Craig Marriott

25/02/2021 12:30pm to 1:30pm

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The world of safety is changing, with disruption by new thinking and new approaches. Why is this? And what should we do about it? In this series we will explore the drivers for these changes and what they mean for safety in New Zealand and look at why we should not be content to follow others but, instead, can lead the charge to better outcomes

Week Four

Safety Innovation in NZ (and why we're better at this stuff that you think)

The current status of safety in NZ - good and bad, old and new. How we take that forward at an industry level


Craig has 30 years’ experience managing safety in high-hazard industries. From nuclear submarines and highly radioactive waste, to high-pressure gas pipelines and oil rigs, he has written safety cases and managed safety for some of the world’s most hazardous operations.

Craig is a strong advocate of challenging conventional safety thinking and author of the book Challenging the Safety Quo. He is known for bringing a pragmatic approach to translate health and safety management theory into workable solutions. Craig is the General Manager HSEQ at First Gas Limited.


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