CPD: Mental Health. Suicide Awareness / Prevention

10/06/2019 03:00pm to 5:00pm

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HRINZ to co-host this event as the topic is relevant for HR professionals also.


Kiri Pardoe- Suicide Bereavement Specialist Victim Support

Grief is a normal response to losing someone important to us. When someone dies by suicide, those bereaved often experience a very complicated form of grief caused by a combination of sudden shock, unanswered questions of ‘Why?’ and feelings of ‘What could I have done?’. ‘

Kiri will discuss how you can help someone who is at risk of suicide or support those who have lost someone by suicide. She will also try to explain the mental anguish someone contemplating suicide is going through.

Cathy Stevens- Victim Support Service Coordinator

Overview of the services Victim Support provide in the local community to support victims of serious crime and trauma who are dealing with, in some cases, the worst time of their lives. Paid and unpaid staff who support them are at the heart of Victim Support’s work and recognize the accumulative effect of vicarious trauma, the need for self-care and the importance of debriefing & supervision.


NP Disctrict Council Chambers

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