Webinar: Enhancing your social media skills

18/06/2020 06:00pm to 7:00pm

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Many of us are aware that a credible on-line presence takes years to cultivate and seconds to destroy. How do we set up a great on-line profile, and then navigate a potential mine field of misinformation and trolls? Please join us for what promises to be an excellent and fun session with June Tienstra from 3M, where we will gain some tips and techniques that will prove their weight in gold.

June Tienstra is a sales manager at 3M New Zealand and is an avid self-taught social selling enthusiast. She has coached, cajoled, and encouraged her team in the use of LinkedIn as a networking, listening, learning, influencing, and selling tool. The concepts around having a presence in a community and becoming a valuable member of that community by adding value are of use to more than just salespeople. This session will cover the what, why and how of social selling, and the what to do with it, and what next.

Our thanks to Auckland branch for organising and sharing this event.


Zoom Webinar