August Update


Hi all NZISM members,

I would like to start first by welcoming our new CEO, Selena Armstrong to our organisation. Selena starts on the 21st August and I know is really keen to start getting into the role and contributing towards the ongoing growth and development of our organisation. Selena has plans to get around the country to various branch events as they occur to enable her to meet with branch committees and local members with her first NZISM event being the NEC meeting and AGM in Taranaki in September. We look forward to seeing as many of you as can attend at that event.


Our Asbestos webinar held during early August was a huge success in terms of registered members, (231) and more than 100 members listening to the webinar live. Following this there were more than 200 people who accessed the webinar at a later date, some more than once. This method of delivery for CPD is clearly one that is allowing members some flexibility in how they attend these events and will not be the last we hold this year. I know the CPD committee has plans for a couple more. Details will be announced soon.

On a similar theme of webinars, for the first time in the organisation’s history we are looking to offer members the opportunity to attend this year’s AGM via webinar technology. In terms of registering for the event we are able to capture all the information from registrants to verify their right to attend and vote. Voting on resolutions is straight-forward using the polling function in the webinar.

The ‘virtual hand’ function in the webinar enables attendees to raise their hand throughout the event, to demonstrate a majority or when a ‘show of hands’ is requested and attendees can ask questions of the presenters, via text which are then relayed to the presenter by our webinar facilitator. Further information on this will be issued in coming weeks.


Last year you will recall we introduced the NZISM Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2019, this being a key document to guide the organisation in its activities over the next couple of years. One of the aspects of the plan was to focus on sustainable business practices as they related to Financial and Operational Management. One of the projects associated with this is the centralising of funds from within the organisation. This was discussed by the NEC at their meeting in September 2016 with branch managers agreeing to the concept on the basis that a procedure was developed to show how the process would work. A small sub-committee was set up including the NZISM Executive Officers and representation from two branches (a large and small branch) to develop this procedure. The following is an overview of why this approach is being pursued by NZISM and the benefits of taking such an approach.

By way of introduction, the National Executive Committee (NEC) has wide powers to manage the affairs of the Institute, including doing all things that appear to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of the Institute which includes controlling the spending of Institute funds and operating the Institute bank accounts.  It is also noted that notwithstanding the above the NEC must ensure that however the finances are managed this must be done to enable Branches to meet their budget or fulfil their purposes and objectives.

In order to achieve this and ensure branches can deliver on their budget and any other objectives, the branches clearly require access to funding.  The amount of funds required varies from branch to branch based on a range of factors including the activity level of the branch, the number of branch members, the location of the branch and their level of access to free or subsidised venues for meetings and events.

The process that has been developed illustrates the incomes and expenses of the organisation and the process used by the branch manager and treasurer to secure funding for branch activities.  Branches are entitled to funds from the National Account and will submit a budget to NEC for review each year as part of their planning process.  The branch treasurer is responsible for tracking branch expenses and providing updates to the branch manager for reporting purposes. This process is repeated annually.


Engaging in sustainable business practices to ensure the longevity of the organisation is a key objective in the current Strategic Plan, this to ensure the organisation’s financial and operational systems are implemented and are effective in guiding our decision making processes.

We aim to develop a funding plan to increase revenues and investigate ways to reduce costs as appropriate or necessary without compromising the organisation’s efficiency or program delivery. In addition to centralised financial management and to secure NZISM’s future there are a number of actions we will be pursuing over coming months / years including the setting of clear decision making processes, delegated authorities and approvals processes for investment funding. Over time and with guidance from Selena we will be looking further at the financial structure and setting plans in place to best utilise the financial resources, this will include a review of the current budget projection to ensure financial viability.

Having branches with separate bank accounts and in some cases a need to undertake annual financial reviews comes at a cost and some branches have spent in the vicinity of $1000.00 per annum having financial reports completed on their annual budget. Centralising the financial functions of the organisation will remove this cost from the branch budget. In addition a key component of the NZISM Strategy was to reduce the administrative load on individual branches to enable them to focus on delivering services (Networking events, CPD etc.) to their local members and by reducing the time spent on administration this was seen by the NEC as a positive step in enabling branch committees to focus more on their member’s needs. The system we are introducing will allow branch treasurers to keep an eye on progress with their branch finances as it allows access to the NZISM Xero Platform.

We recently introduced an online ticketing system to our website to enable members to book their attendance and where applicable, pay for the ticket. This is a new service available to members which some of you may have experienced if you have booked for the newly created webinar series and the Art of Work Roadshow.

Where branches are running any event, particular one where there is a cost to attend, this ticketing and payment gateway would not be available if branch finances were not centralised as the payment process is linked to the National Office. This therefore creates additional workload at both a local and national level to enable booking and payment for members wishing to participate in such events.

I trust this gives members a good overview of what is proposed and is clear that what the NEC is proposing meets with the objectives of the current strategy and the future sustainability of the organisation.
Finally I would like to welcome our newest branch to the organisation. Following the presentation in Invercargill that I have previously reported on I am pleased to announce that we now have received and approved an application from members to form a branch in Southland. An initial meeting has been held to vote on a committee with Robbie Birch being elected as the branch manager. This is a great development for the Southland region who have a large and active health and safety community. We look forward to supporting this branch and its members.

If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at
Greg Dearsly
National Manager

July Update


Hi all NZISM members,

There continues to be a huge amount of activity within the organisation since I last spoke to you. The most significant development is that we have completed the recruitment process for a CEO for the organisation. A detailed announcement on this will come out within the next few days. It is fair to say that this will be the start of a new era for NZISM and I know the leadership of the organisation is excited about the opportunities that exist with this new phase.

Key components of the CEO’s role will be the continued implementation of the organisations strategic plan which includes activities in the area of membership, stakeholders, systems, (both Financial and Operational) and organisational structure and leadership.

In early July I travelled to Queenstown and Invercargill to meet with the local safety forum that operate in both those parts of New Zealand. These groups made contact with NZISM to indicate their interest in forming a local branch. Both these groups have large and active membership that get together regularly for networking and professional development. I would like to thank Robbie Birch, Malika Rose, Judy Currie and Ros Murrell for their efforts in initiating this opportunity and to the members of both groups for inviting me to talk with them.

In terms of the South Island I also recently got the opportunity via Video Conference to talk with the Southern Regional Assessment Management team of WorkSafe NZ. As part of our Strategic Plan we are working on building the relationship with WorkSafe at a national and regional level and part of that includes engaging with these local branches to promote NZISM and discuss how we can work more closely together in achieving the health and safety outcomes we are all aspiring to.

You will have all recently seen the Health and Safety survey issued by HASANZ and PWC. I encourage you to provide your insights of the industry which will help to improve the capacity and capability of workplace health and safety professionals.  A summary of the major findings will be published on the HASANZ website.

Upcoming events

The start of the Art of Work Roadshow Masterclass is upon us and I am looking forward to opening the event in Christchurch on the 24th July. It is a great achievement that the organisation is able to offer members an opportunity like this to hear from a high quality presenter on the emerging subject of Safety Differently.

We have the 3rd August webinar on Asbestos which is obviously a big issue for those working in health and safety, but not necessarily something most people deal with on a regular basis. This CPD event, “Asbestos: Everything you ever wanted to know…. but were afraid to ask” will provide a high-level overview of the key changes arising from the recent Asbestos Regulations for those potentially having to manage asbestos in workplace buildings, who may be undertaking permitted work with asbestos, or are engaging a specialist contractor.

Our presenter, Mike Cosman, has been involved with asbestos issues as a regulator, policy maker, and consultant for over 38 years. Mike’s most recent experience has been in advising EQC and others after the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes, and as a member of the WorkSafe/MBIE Asbestos Advisory Group. See the NZISM website for registration details.

World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017

Have you registered for the World Congress 2017? One-day pass is now available!” A link to the latest update for the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work is attached. file:///C:/Users/Greg/Downloads/edm13_daypass_l2%20(1).html

Be part of XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017—the world’s largest OSH event that will be held in Southeast Asia for the first time!

From 3 to 6 September 2017, 3,500 occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners, researchers, business and government leaders will gather at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, for the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017.

This will be the first time South East Asia will be hosting this world-renowned OSH event. The World Congress 2017 is an excellent platform to exchange information and views with experts in occupational safety and health and we would like to invite you to join us as part of this momentous event.

NZOHNA EVENT Healthy Workers – the future of your business

Whether you are a Health & Safety newbie or Health & Safety master, this conference is for you. Healthy Workers – the future of your business, 21st & 22nd September at the Devon Hotel in New Plymouth, has practical learnings and insights within the health and safety industry from expert guest speakers.

The NZOHNA conference is packed with the latest updates & solutions for you, whichever discipline you represent. Go to for more details. The enrolment form for those who are participating in the NZOUHNA Study day or attending conference is attached.

If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly

National Manager


June Update


Hi all NZISM members,
It’s been a really busy few weeks across the organisation with the majority of branches around the country going through their AGM process. Ravi and I have attended many of these meetings and it’s been really great to get out and about and meet members in their home environments. As I said last month, thank you to all those members who volunteer their time to serve on their local committees, you are all doing a great job.

Part of the meeting process that many branches undertook was a random draw for participants who attended their AGM to win a ticket to the upcoming Art of Work Roadshow – Safety Differently. I would like to congratulate all winners of those tickets. Tickets are still available in most areas although Christchurch has sold out and Auckland is nearly sold out. This promises to be a really successful and beneficial event for member’s professional development, so get in quick.



Kevin Blundell from Taranaki, shortly after winning the branch draw for the
Safety Differently Masterclass, pictured here with Jess Clout Taranaki Branch Manager




I think the highlight of the last few weeks was announcing and presenting the NZISM Health and Safety Practitioner of the Year Award to Sarah McDonald from the M2PP project. Sarah said she was very humbled and proud to receive the award and it was a great night celebrating Health & Safety, those who were at the evening celebrations would have witnessed Sarah’s passion for the job she does, she gave a great acceptance speech.



NZISM Health and Safety Practitioner of the Year award winner Sarah McDonald proudly showing off her trophy.




NZISM was well represented at the Safeguard Conference, exhibition and awards dinner and another thank you is given to those that participated and helped with the NZISM exhibit stand. As you will see from the photo below, we have refreshed the brand and this got plenty of positive comments from visitors to our stand and speaking of visitors we had plenty, there was a great range of existing and potential new members we spoke to over the two days.








We had an awesome turnout at the NZISM networking event held before the Safeguard Health and Safety Awards dinner with in excess of 100 members turning up to meet and network. As part of this event we had a short address from Minister Michael Woodhouse and together with Ally Harwood, National President of the Occupational Health Nurse Association we signed an open letter to the members of both organisations reaffirming a commitment to work together toward a closer relationship



Open letter to members of the NZOHNA and NZISM




Celebrating a great members event and strengthening relationship with key stakeholders





There continues to be good interest in the recently advertised CEO role and with the deadline for applications upon us, the process will start to shortlist and interview and I am looking forward to us finalising this significant development in the organisations history.

The activity within the organisation will continue throughout June with branch meetings in Auckland Northland, Hawkes Bay, Canterbury and Taranaki and also the full day CPD event being run by the Manawatu Branch on the 21st  June entitled The Health and Safety at Work Act, The Journey.  This has an impressive array of speakers which I am looking forward to hearing from, if you’re in Manawatu, or close by register for this event. We also have a very special event in Dunedin on the 29th June with the branch running a CPD Day to be followed by a celebration to recognise their 10 year anniversary.

Many of you will be aware of the developments in the NZQA area of the Level 6 Diploma in Health and Safety. NZQA have recently listed the New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management (Level 6) qualification on the NZ Qualifications Framework. Training providers of programmes that lead to this qualification are now able to apply to NZQA for programme approval and accreditation to provide the approved programme. Once providers have gained approval and accreditation, individuals who have completed a Level 6 diploma course through an approved provider will be able to submit an application for grading at Graduate level with NZISM. Those individuals who may previously have been graded at NZISM technician level by submitting completion of an unapproved Level 6 diploma as their evidence will automatically be upgraded to Graduate level. In both cases, all other criteria to achieve Graduate status with NZISM will need to be met at the time of their application.

Finally, I would like to announce that Mike Cosman will become the new Chair of the Advisory Board with effect from 16 June 2017.  Samantha Sharif, the current Advisory Board Chair, will step down as Chair, but remain a member of the Advisory Board. Samantha has a growing Board workload and it became clear to her that she will not be able to devote the time to NZISM that it deserves.  With the recruitment of a new CEO underway, it seems appropriate that there is a hand over to a new Chair to lead this process.

I look forward to working with Mike as the organisation continues to drive forward its ambitious programme of work designed and I would also like to thank Samantha for her work in the organisation since she took up the role of chair and her support for me since I took on the National Manager role late last year.

Coming Events
NZISM & ART OF WORK – Safety Differently Masterclass – 24TH – 28TH July
Safety has traditionally been about the elimination of negative outcomes. In the pursuit of this goal, people have increasingly become a problem to control, and safety a bureaucratic activity. In this one day Master Class, participants will learn how safety can be managed by seeing people as a resource to harness, how safety can be about enabling things to go right, and how safety can become an ethical responsibility to do what is right.

Participants will learn:

  • Why focusing on what helps and hinders normal work will improve safety
  • How people are a solution to harness, rather than a problem to control
  • New ways to measure safety that will drive empowerment and innovation
  • Why leaders need to host conversations about what goes on at work
  • How organisations can learn from what goes right
  • How organisations have managed to build their safety management systems on the Safety Differently principles.

World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017
Be part of XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017—the world’s largest OSH event that will be held in Southeast Asia for the first time!

From 3 to 6 September 2017, 3,500 occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners, researchers, business and government leaders will gather at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, for the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017.

This will be the first time South East Asia will be hosting this world-renowned OSH event. The World Congress 2017 is an excellent platform to exchange information and views with experts in occupational safety and health and we would like to invite you to join us as part of this momentous event.



NZOHNA EVENT Healthy Workers – the future of your business
Whether you are a Health & Safety newbie or Health & Safety master, this conference is for you. Healthy Workers – the future of your business, 21st & 22nd September at the Devon Hotel in New Plymouth, has practical learnings and insights within the health and safety industry from expert guest speakers.

The NZOHNA conference is packed with the latest updates & solutions for you, whichever discipline you represent. Go to for more details.

If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at
Greg Dearsly

National Manager

May Update 


Hi all NZISM members,

Hi aBefore I cover off on the last month’s activities, I first want to recognise one of our members and his antics over the last few weeks. One of our previous National Managers, Ian Clark, recently competed in the World Masters Games here in Auckland. Ian competed in 4 events over 6 days with a top 10 finish in each event. Ian says it was a great opportunity for an individual challenge and with the international flavour there was good strong competition and friendship.

Ian competed in trap shooting (clay & target) events and was the shooting team’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony at Mt Eden. There was strong competition in his age group category and Ian managed to score 109/125 with the top score for the group being 116. The other 3 events are Single rise, Points score and Single barrel, with each event shooting 100 targets, his results putting him in the Bronze Medal position, well done Ian!!








Ian Clark on the Podium at the WMG

As our branches around the country hold their AGM meetings during May and early June, I particularly want to acknowledge the branch managers and their committees who work hard to keep your local NZISM branch running and providing opportunities for CPD events and networking on a regular basis. While we are a national organisation the local events that are held are an important part of the services we provide to our members. Well done to all branches for their efforts during the last 12 months.

For those in branch management roles and on committees whose time may be coming to an end this year I thank you for your efforts. I would encourage anyone who has the time and interest in being involved in your local branch to please discuss with your branch manager or contact myself or one of the other Operations Committee members who can talk you through the process.

The NZISM Strategic plan that we introduced late last year continues to develop in terms of the implementation of some of our key targets. As reported last month, NZISM is starting the next phase of its development, with the recruitment of the full time CEO type role to lead the organisation forward in the coming years. We hope to have someone in this role by the time this year’s AGM rolls around in September. Speaking of the National AGM there will be details shared shortly but I can confirm that this year’s event will be held in Taranaki on Wednesday the 20th September in conjunction with the Healthy Workers Conference being run by the NZ Occupational Health Nurse Association, 21st and 22nd September.

We continue to engage with WorkSafe NZ in developing our relationship with this important stakeholder. We are in the process of finalising how we engage at both a corporate level and an operational level and are identifying the key components of the relationship that both organisations see as appropriate.

As usual the Health and Safety Conference and professional development environment is pretty busy and that obviously is difficult for practitioners to select the best option for them. You will have seen the recent information we released about the National Road Show we have just finalised. The Safety Differently event is being presented by Daniel Hummerdale of Art of Work. There will be regular promotion of this event over coming weeks. I encourage you, where you can, to support key events occurring around the country over the remainder of the year including:

  • The Safeguard Health and Safety Conference and New Zealand Health and Safety Awards. Don’t forget if you are in Auckland on 31st May and 1st of June call into Sky City at 5pm on the 31st and come to the NZISM Member Networking event.
  • The NZOHNA Healthy Workers Conference 21st & 22nd September in Taranaki
  • For those looking for an overseas trip, the World Health and Safety Congress in Singapore is occurring 3-6 September.

Further details on these events are listed below.

One of our Principal Sponsors, SHE Software, is running another webinar. This event is scheduled for Tuesday 13th June at 10am, this short snappy 30 minute session will discuss how we as Health and Safety Practitioners can drive consistency and best practice at our organisations. In your roles as Health and Safety Practitioners your employer, or clients will most likely have a health and safety management system in place! SHE Software works with businesses like yours and often find safety management combines multiple systems with spreadsheets and databases to achieve ‘fingers crossed’ compliance.  This is then replicated across multiple sites and locations…and then the human factor is added in. All of this combines to make it very difficult to work to your agreed standard. This is a free event and registration details will be available on the NZISM website  & events calendar shortly.

I recently attended the EMA Northern Health and Safety Conference and presented on the NZISM Accreditation scheme, it was great to promote this to approximately 170 Health and Safety Practitioners and Business Operators.  Our membership continues to grow and the interest in our Accreditation Scheme remains popular with an average of 3 to 4 people per week progressing through the process. I would like to acknowledge the work put in by the Grading Committee to process these applications.

Our work on the HASANZ Leadership team continues. The recent Vincent Covello event was a huge success, despite the best efforts of Cyclone Cook to disrupt the event it was able to be run in both Auckland and Wellington. NZISM was a big supporter of this event in terms of our members attending and HASANZ recognised that at our meeting at the beginning of May.

HASANZ have selected a provider to start building the HASANZ register, so you can expect to see and hear more about that in coming months both from HASANZ and NZISM. We have a small sub-committee set up to finalise our registration standards for those who might be wishing to list on the register, these will be published shortly.

Finally, I would like to put a call out to NZISM’s rank of certified members who would like to contribute some of their time to the mentoring programme. We can always do with more assistance from our experienced members. Please get in touch with me to discuss how you might be able to help.

Coming Events
Safeguard Conference and Awards
It is now just over a week until the Safeguard Conference and Awards, being held at Sky City on the 31st May and 1st June. Finalists have been announced and no doubt we are all looking forward to hearing what organisations have been up to in terms of projects within their workplaces, I am particularly looking forward to presenting the Health and Safety Practitioner of the Year award. Don’t forget the NZISM networking event.

NZOHNA EVENT Healthy Workers – the future of your business
Whether you are a Health & Safety newbie or Health & Safety master, this conference is for you. Healthy Workers – the future of your business, 21st & 22nd September at the Devon Hotel in New Plymouth, has practical learnings and insights within the health and safety industry from expert guest speakers.
The NZOHNA conference is packed with the latest updates & solutions for you, whichever discipline you represent. Go to for more details.

World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017
Be part of XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017—the world’s largest OSH event that will be held in Southeast Asia for the first time!
From 3 to 6 September 2017, 3,500 occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners, researchers, business and government leaders will gather at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, for the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017.
This will be the first time South East Asia will be hosting this world-renowned OSH event. The World Congress 2017 is an excellent platform to exchange information and views with experts in occupational safety and health and we would like to invite you to join us as part of this momentous event.


If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at
Greg Dearsly
National Manager

April Update (17/4/17)


Hi all NZISM members,

Another month has flown past, I hope you all had the opportunity for a bit of a break over Easter and didn’t get too effected by the recent bad weather we have had in some parts of the country. Our thoughts go out to those in Edgecombe. No doubt many of you will also be taking time early next week to commemorate ANZAC Day, obviously an important day in New Zealand’s history.

A fortnight ago I travelled to the Hawkes Bay and attended the local branch meeting hosted at the Hastings Fire Station. There was a great presentation by a senior manager from the Napier Port on their work in the area of development of the organisational culture. For an industry that has struggled in recent times around the country with its Health and Safety performance, the Napier Port is certainly leading the way in its goals and taking some really positive steps to engage with its workforce in all areas of its business not just Health and Safety. Well done to Viv Bull and the team there. I gave a short presentation at this event to update the members on progress with the NZISM Strategic Plan and updates on various events coming up where NZISM is involved.

A few days later I attended my local branch meeting here in Auckland at the 3M facilities on the North Shore where we heard from the 3M Height Safety team and the Auckland University Health and Safety Manager on how safe working at height is managed. The 3M demonstration trailer was in action showing the risks and effects of a fall from height.

23M’s Height Safety Trailer
Demonstration NZISM Auckland

1 presenting the NZISM Stragegy at the
Hawkes Bay Branch meeting

Our Advisory Board Chair, Samantha Sharif attended the Wellington Branch Meeting and gave an overview of the strategic plan and discussed various projects the organisation is working on. One of the projects that was announced at these branch meetings related to NZISM’s identification at NEC level that we are unable to continue with our sole reliance on voluntary labour to run the organisation.

A decision was taken at the NEC meeting in mid-March to start the process of developing the National Manager’s role into a full time CEO Role. The Advisory Board is in the process of preparing a job description and role specification and we envisage beginning the recruitment process in the next few weeks. This is clearly an exciting and significant development in the evolution of NZISM and directly linked to the growth we have experienced in the organisation’s membership over the last 2 or 3 years and the increased operational systems and requirements to ensure those systems are effectively implemented.

Achievement of Grading through our Accreditation scheme is something we should all individually be proud to accomplish. I would like to acknowledge those members who have gone through the grading process and congratulate them for their efforts. The following are those members who have been graded during the period 1st January 2017 through until 31st March 2017. Over this period we had:

  • 11 members achieve Technician level
  • 14 members achieve Graduate level
  • 1 members achieve Certified Fellow level
Helen Parkes Certified Fellow Wellington
Adrian Kilian Graduate Canterbury
Alexander Babko Graduate Auckland
Barry Eichler Graduate Wellington
Danny Farrington Graduate Otago
Jan Houston Graduate Wellington
Joanne Graham Graduate Hawkes Bay
Julie Paice Graduate Taranaki
Karyn Byrom Graduate Nelson
Mark Freeborn Graduate Canterbury
Matthew Sadgrove Graduate Otago
Michael James Graduate Canterbury
Ravi Kolluru Graduate Northland
Rob Acutt Graduate Canterbury
Sarah McDonald Graduate Wellington
Anthony Putter Technician Auckland
Chris Jorgensen Technician Waikato
Daniel Davenport Technician Auckland
Evan Lloyd Technician Manawatu
Jennifer Lyon Technician Bay of Plenty
Malika Rose Technician Otago
Moira King Technician Wellington
Peter Healy Technician Bay of Plenty
Peter Mackie Technician Taranaki
Rob Abraas Technician Canterbury
Steve Rose Technician Otago

Safeguard Conference and Awards
It is now only six weeks until the Safeguard Conference and Awards, being held at Sky City on the 31st May and 1st June. With award nominations now closed, no doubt the judges are ploughing through the categories and trying to identify those nominations that have got just that little bit extra. A reminder that NZISM is holding a free, Members Networking session on Wednesday 31st May at Sky City, starting at  5pm and running through until 6.30 pm. We would love to see as many members attend and take this opportunity to connect with other members and invited guests.

EMA Health and Safety Conference
On the 4th May I will be presenting at the EMA Occupational Health and Safety Conference on behalf of NZISM, discussing our Accreditation Programme. This year’s event is being held over two days at the Ellerslie Events Centre and features a range of excellent presentations from organisations including WorkSafe NZ, The Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum, Kensington Swan, HASANZ and many others, supported by panel discussions.

A special part of this event is the presentation of the Patrick Seaman Memorial Award. Many of you will remember Patrick who was a vibrant and passionate Health and Safety advocate and long standing NZISM member who passed away in 2015. This award is presented to an EMA member to recognise their efforts and contribution in developing their knowledge in the area of Health and Safety.

World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017
As I announced last month, if we can get 10 NZISM members interested in attending this event in Singapore, we can get a reduced rate on conference attendance. I have had one or two show interest, so if you are keen on attending this event later in the year please get in touch.

As part of NZISM’s relationship with INSHPO we are supporting the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, to be held in Singapore 3-6 September. This support is by promotion of the event via our various networks and results in NZISM getting its branding on the conference website and regular updates of the event.

The programme for the event is now available on the website and covers a huge range of topics, so no doubt something for everyone with presentations from around the world on Healthy Work, Machinery Safety, Psychosocial Risks, Nanotechnology, Dangerous Goods, Rehabilitation and Diversity, to industry based presentations for Mining, Agriculture, Transportation and Occupational Health.

If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly
National Manager

March Update (17/3/17)


Hi all NZISM members,

It always great to see our members getting recognised for their efforts. NZISM Manawatu member and NZ Defense Force Manager Health and Safety, 1Bde Linton, Major Tim Woodman was recently awarded the NZDF Safety Person of the Year for 2016, his colleague, Selwyn Ponga-Davis, also an NZISM member, was named as NZDF Civilian of the Year for 2016. Congratulations to you both.

Major Woodman generated a joint Health and Safety Committee with Massey University and raised the safety message within schools in the surrounding district. “The award was recognition of a team effort in encouraging greater appreciation of the need for attention to health and safety,” he says.

Presenting the award, Director of the Safety Directorate, Susan D’Ath-Weston, says the actions of Major Woodman and his team represented the benefit of a unified health and safety management system across the NZDF. “Major Woodman and Selwyn have made safety and health an important part of everyday work at 1 Brigade. In doing so they have also provided an example of what can be achieved and the value to the NZDF of a consistent approach to Safety Management.





NZDF Safety Person Award presentation by the Director of the NZDF Safety Directorate, Susan D’Ath-Weston, left, with safety advisor and NZDF Civilian of the Year, Selwyn Ponga-Davis, safety award recipient Major Tim Woodman, Manager Health and Safety 1Bde Linton, and, right, Commander 1 Brigade Colonel Brett Wellington


Safeguard Conference and Awards

We are another month closer to the Safeguard Conference and Awards being held at Sky City on the 31st May and 1st  June. I really encourage members to think about the initiatives they or their organisations have implemented over the past year and get an application in for the appropriate category for the awards event. This includes the Health and Safety Practitioner of the year award which NZISM sponsors. The closing date for award nominations is fast approaching, you will need to have your nominations in by Monday, April 3rd.

For the first time in association with the Safeguard event, NZISM is holding a free, Members Networking session on Wednesday 31st May at Sky City. This event runs from 5pm until 6.30 pm, giving members a short opportunity to connect with others in the organisation. The event is conveniently scheduled to occur between the end of Wednesday’s conference proceedings and the start of the pre awards networking event. We would love to see you there whether you are attending just the conference or just the awards or both, or even if you are unable to attend either, come along and join us.


Use of the NZISM Logo

Recent issues have identified a need for a brief update for members on the use of the NZISM Logo and post nominals.

Individual members including Student, Affiliate, Technician, Graduate, Certified, Certified Fellow, Life and Honorary Members are NOT permitted to use the logo.

Graded members may use the appropriate post nominals and Affiliate members may use the phrase ‘Member of NZISM’ in email signatures and on business cards etc.

The logo may be used on websites only by current Corporate Supporters (see the membership page for details on signing up to be a Corporate Supporter).

For any further clarification on the above, please contact


International Update

For a few years now, NZISM has engaged with the Production Safety Supervision and Administration of Hubei Province, P. R. China (WorkSafe NZ equivalent in the Provence of Hubei). This year a delegation from China visited and the agenda for the meeting was based around Development of Workplace Training Programmes related to Health and Safety, Occupational Health issues and the provision of generalist consultancy services. I would like to thank both Keith Barnett, Health, Safety and Technical Manager at Safety N Action and Fiona Groome from the New Zealand Occupational Health Nurse Association who attended with me to assist in the discussions around training and Occupational Health. The meetings are an opportunity for us to share stories about how workplace health and safety issues are managed both in New Zealand and China.








Fiona Groome (NZOHNA), Greg Dearsly (NZISM), Keith Barnett (Safety N Action), Delegation from Production Safety Supervision and Administration Hubei Provence PR China. 24/02/17

World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2017

As part of NZISM’s relationship with INSHPO we are supporting the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, to be held in Singapore 3-6 September. This support is via promotion of the event via our various networks and results in NZISM getting its branding on the conference website, regular updates of the event and an opportunity to get a discount on registration for the event if 10 or more people register to attend.

While the full programme is yet to be released, the overall structure of the event is split into three streams covering Vision Zero–From Vision to Reality: Healthy Work–Healthy Life: People-Centred Prevention. So some really interesting areas are being covered. If you are interested in attending the event let me know and let’s see if we can take advantage of the discounted rate.

Prior to this event INSHPO will be holding their annual meeting and there will also be the signing of the Singapore Accord. Based on the INSHPO OHS Capability Framework the Singapore Accord is an agreement by major OHS Practitioner Organisations around the globe to aspire towards the standard of OHS Professional Behaviour and Practice.


Other events occurring over coming weeks include the Vincent Covello Workshop being coordinated by HASANZ in both Auckland (29 March) and Wellington (30th March). Vincent Covello is a world authority on risk communication and is Director of the Center for Risk Communication in New York.  He has advised on/devised communication campaigns for the Ebola and Zika virus outbreaks, the water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan, and the Fukushima disaster, to name a few.

These intensive, interactive workshops will explore best practices for health and safety engagement and communication. They are pitched at executives and practitioners, especially those who have responsibility for leading health and safety engagement in workplaces or communicating in crisis situations and managing public responses for companies.

There is also the Art of Work event, Enabling Leadership – Safety Differently Masterclass featuring Daniel Hummerdale. This master class is about creating new performance levels by unlocking the motivation and ideas that lie dormant in an organisations’networks. By using enabling leadership skills and tools, leaders can bring about high value learning, new ideas, new networks, and people acting on their good ideas.

Enabling Leadership makes for a more productive, efficient, safer and healthier organisation.

NZISM members can enjoy a 10% discount if registering for this full day Art of Work workshop on the 31st March in Auckland.

If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly

National Manager


February Update (17/2//17)


Last month I talked about the importance of CPD for NZISM members and the need for graded members to maintain a professional development plan and log. In January this year we formalised a CPD Committee whose key role is to identify and coordinate CPD events that will be supported by National Office and be run around the country. This in an effort to not only provide opportunities for members to attend such events but to also gain some consistency in information throughout the organisation. The committee has scheduled an initial meeting and I have asked that a plan for 2017 be presented at the first National Executive Committee meeting of the year, in March. Shortly thereafter we will be able to announce what events will be included in this year’s calendar.

What’s happening in New Zealand?

Safeguard Conference and Awards
No doubt many members will be aware of the annual Safeguard Conference and Health & Safety Awards – the latter has the category for Health and Safety Practitioner of the year which NZISM sponsors. The 2017 version of this event is fast approaching (31st May / 1st June). We encourage all members and their employers to consider people in your networks who are doing great work in Health and Safety and consider putting a nomination in for this category. This is an opportunity to celebrate those in our industry who are making a great contribution to improving workplace health and safety in their business or industry.

Developments in Asbestos Licensing
Advisory Board member Mike Cosman recently spent two days as the NZISM representative on a JAS-ANZ technical committee looking at developing a standard for certified safety management systems that all Class A asbestos licence holders will be required to have by 4th April 2018.

The key recommendations were that the standard would be based on OSHAS 18001 (which will have to be met by the whole business or business unit) but that there would be an additional standard developed specifically for this purpose which highlights key management system elements from the Asbestos Regulations and ACOP.  The group drafted much of this standard which they anticipate will be endorsed by WorkSafe NZ around April 17 giving licence holders only 12 months to build their systems and get them certified. This will require a site audit as well as system review.

This presents an opportunity for NZISM members, with the relevant skills, to develop 18001 systems as most current licence holders don’t have an existing system that will meet the basic requirements. There are 78 A class licence holders listed on the WorkSafe NZ website, many of whom may not fully understand what is involved and the scale of the task. It is anticipated that a number of these organisations may be unwilling to make the required investment and the industry will shrink to a small number of operators.

Other points to note:

  • 18001 was chosen over 4801 as the latter is old and unsupported and the intent is to migrate to ISO 45001 as soon as it is in place (probably in 3-4 years’ time). There will be a formal process for this, but not from 4801
  • There are mandatory competence standards for A class workers and supervisors   A suite of new NZQA unit standards have recently been posted on the NZQF and will be approved by WorkSafe in April.  There are currently no training providers offering the training to these units although some PTEs are looking to develop courses. Again there will be a short time period to get all workers trained
  • PCBUs engaging asbestos contractors will need to be diligent to ensure that those contractors are meeting the legal requirements, especially during the transition phase between now and April 2018. It is apparent that there is a low level of understanding by a number of clients and contractors of the significance of the changes that have already occurred in the 2016 Regulations

NZISM is looking at the benefits of running an in-house CPD event around this subject

Professional Development Workshop
You may have seen recent advertising for a HASANZ event featuring Dr Vincent Covello (a key note speaker on Risk Communication from the 2016 HASANZ Conference). Dr Covello is holding two events in NZ on the 29th and 30th of March in Auckland and Wellington. If you are interested in attending, tickets can be purchased via the HASANZ website but as each session is limited to 50 attendees, you will need to be quick. These events promise to be extremely popular.

International Relations
Maintaining relationships with key international organisations is an important part of the NZISM Strategy. We are currently associated with two international organisations with plans developing to further our relationship with a third, below is an overview of our international involvement.

We have had a relationship with IOSH for a number of years and this is described in a Reciprocal Agreement between our two organisations which aligns our grading systems and commits to assisting each other in various activities that support our members.

International Network of Safety and Health Practitioners Organisations (INSHPO)
NZISM have been a member of INSHPO for several years. The International Network of Safety & Health Practitioner Organisations is a global alliance dedicated to advancing the Occupational Safety and Health Profession and acts as a forum for international collaboration among professional organisations to improve safety and health at work.

INSHPO recently released (April 2016) their Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Professional Capability Framework document, something that both NZISM and HASANZ have referenced in the development of the NZISM accreditation programme and the makeup of parts of the HASANZ Register. The INSHPO Framework has more resources which are currently under development and we look forward to our involvement in contributing to these resources over coming years.

Safety Institute of Australia (SIA)
We have taken the first steps to investigate the benefits of a closer relationship with the Safety Institute of Australia. I have a phone conference scheduled with their CEO at the end of February so I will be able to comment further on this next month.

My final two messages are firstly to welcome Nicole Rosie to her new role at WorkSafe NZ, we look forward to her continuing the leadership shown by her predecessor and are keen to progress our relationship with WorkSafe.

Finally, yet again the people of Christchurch are dealing with another significant event that is affecting the lives of a number of people in the region. Our thoughts go out to those affected including the emergency response teams that are managing the situation.

If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly
National Manager
January Update (20/1/17)


Hi all NZISM members,

Well another year has passed and we find ourselves in 2017 and only a few short years until 2020 and the target date for WorkSafe NZ’s 25% reduction in serious injury and fatalities. It will be of interest to watch the state of play in terms of the targets set for 2016 which, if I recall correctly, was a 10% reduction on 2012 figures.

NZISM’s Social Media squirrels were kept busy during December with heaps of content being shared on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. A review of the Facebook content unfortunately didn’t find too many positive news stories with typical tragic stories for this time of year around mountain safety, water safety and road safety. In terms of good news however we did share content around autonomous emergency braking systems seeing successful results in helping drivers avoid a low-speed crash or to reduce its severity. There was also the story about the 1,500 drivers of vans and lorries in London going through a day of training to make them more aware of how cyclists on the roads feel. A similar programme has been used in Auckland. Finally there was the story of our National Air Carrier coming in second in the world in terms of its safety record.


Achievement of Grading through our Accreditation scheme is something we should all individually be proud to accomplish. Every quarter I would like to recognise those members who have gone through the grading process and congratulate them for their efforts. For the first list the following includes all members who have been graded since 1st July 2016 through until 31st December 2016. During this period we had:

  • 25 members achieve Technician level
  • 35 members achieve Graduate level
  • 3 members achieve Certified level
  • 1 member achieve Certified Fellow level

CPD is the process of learning and developing skills, knowledge and experience throughout your working life. For Health and Safety Practitioners it is the process of actively seeking to improve abilities in areas known to be weak – maintaining your ability in other areas and learning about new developments and issues in the field of health and safety, and beyond.This leads nicely into the subject of MYCPD. As part of the NZISM Accreditation Scheme we have transferred the IOSH MYCPD Platform onto an NZISM MYCPD System. The look and feel of the system is the same as the IOSH system and is in fact managed by the same IT supplier. It is a requirement for all members graded at Technician and above to have an active CPD Programme in place.

Mark Leong Certified Fellow Auckland Robbie Birch Graduate Otago
Sarah Ram Graduate Auckland
Ian Taylor Certified Northland Steve Logan Graduate Wellington
Laurence Wicken Certified Auckland Susan Edwards Graduate Wellington
Les Heads Certified Canterbury Thomas Boderick Graduate Auckland
Tracey Campbell Graduate Hawkes Bay
Alan Downes Graduate Wellington Wendy Timarac Graduate Taranaki
Andrew Burns Graduate Hawkes Bay
Anna Chapman Graduate Canterbury Barry Parker Technician Manawatu
Antonio Chadinha Graduate Canterbury Joanna Bryson Technician Otago
Ashlee Mckenzie Graduate Taranaki Justine Lehmann Technician Taranaki
Charles de Lambert Graduate Canterbury Kim Payton Technician Wellington
Claire Ashcroft Graduate Auckland Leigh Ratcliffe Technician Waikato
Colin Massey Graduate Canterbury Melissa Vining Technician Otago
Evette McClure Graduate Wellington Neil Gilbert Technician Canterbury
Greg Hackett Graduate Auckland Neriah Broughton Technician Manawatu
Greg Hughes Graduate Canterbury Nicky Hansen Technician Canterbury
Hamish Baker Graduate Wellington Samuel Allen Technician Auckland
Hari Kota Graduate Auckland Shirley Baker Technician BOP
James Pinchin Graduate Wellington Silvija Read Technician Auckland
Janene Magson Graduate Wellington Hilary Gibson Technician Taranaki
Jared Kane Graduate Wellington Alistair Forde Technician Auckland
Jerard Stock Graduate Canterbury Colin Stevens Technician Taranaki
Karen MacDonald Graduate Auckland Dougal Holmes Technician Canterbury
Karen Cressy Graduate Waikato Elayne Gentry Technician Wellington
Laura Mitchell Graduate Canterbury Gabriella Solti Technician Auckland
Mark Sims Graduate Auckland Jo Cullen Technician Canterbury
Mark Kerr Graduate Wellington Joanne Brown Technician BOP
Mike O’Donnell Graduate Taranaki Paul Dennis Technician Canterbury
Patricia Copp Graduate Nelson Shane Koolen Technician Waikato
Paul Harper Graduate Auckland Frances Brown Technician Waikato
Paul Allott Graduate Nelson Wayne Murray Technician Taranaki
Paula Johanson Graduate Auckland Paul Chambers Technician Auckland
Pauline Hutter Graduate Auckland

The NZISM CPD process formalises this into an auditable and peer reviewable record. This means periodically we will be auditing CPD records for activity and if graded members are found to have periods of inactivity on their MYCPD Record we will be in touch to remind you of the obligations that come with professional grading. Continued inactivity on your MYCPD record can lead to the changes to your grading status.

In depth detail of the CPD process can be found in the members section of the website under the heading of MYCPD. Auckland Branch will soon be running a couple of branch events where the process will be discussed, we are looking to record these sessions and have them made available in electronic format via the website.

The MYCPD platform is also available to student and affiliate members as an option for recording any CPD activity you might be undertaking, please contact the NZISM Administrator for details on accessing this.

For members who may be struggling to get started on their Initial Professional Development plans, accessing or identifying appropriate CPD (Continuing Professional Development) options or just looking for some assistance with career guidance, NZISM has a mentoring service available.

Mentoring is a partnership between an experienced NZISM professional person (mentor) and a NZISM member (mentee) for the purpose of sharing knowledge and information. Our NZISM mentoring service provides all persons with the opportunity for and access to professional growth and development.

NZISM is calling for expressions of interest from members who may be interested in this service as a mentee.

Please download the Mentor Mentee Application form in the members section of the website  – fill it in and submit as per the instructions on the form.

Finally I hope everyone had the opportunity for a break over the last few weeks and are ready to take on opportunities that present themselves in your work and personal lives. If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly

National Manager


December Update (16/12/16)


This week we had the first meeting of a small sub-committee that has been set up to further develop our assessment criteria processes for those wishing to list on the HASANZ Register. You will have seen in last week’s member newsletter that HASANZ has now launched a “Register” page on its website which contains key information on the register including timelines for its availability. The NZISM HASANZ Assessment Committee mandate is to develop our protocols for how we will assess each application and determining what evidence we expect applicants to submit to verify their levels of competence and/or experience. This committee will also assess applications as they come in once the HASANZ Register becomes available for applicants to list on. Information will be made available to members in the New Year as our protocols are developed.

No doubt many of you saw the media attention suggesting that the Health and Safety industry has stolen Christmas, because of this the industry continues to get a bad name and is cited as the cause of companies cancelling Christmas parties. It’s another one of those myths that has emerged over the last few years that does nothing to help in promoting what health and safety is all about! To paraphrase Worksafe NZ’s response to this, “it’s not about Christmas parties, lolly scrambles and hanging Christmas decorations”. What it is about is taking a responsible host approach which includes consideration of things like provision of food, non-alcoholic beverage options and how your guests and workers will get home safely.  I encourage all NZISM members to work with their employers or clients in developing a responsible host approach so that end of year celebrations can continue and that Health and Safety is not seen as the Christmas Grinch, nothing is further from the truth!

On a more positive note on the subject of Christmas, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of our branch meetings and Christmas celebrations in the last few weeks. It was great to get to Nelson to meet some of the members at the top of the South Island and briefly cover off on the NZISM Strategy 2016 – 2019. I also spent some time talking with members of the Wellington branch committee about key aspects of our strategic plan. The ever popular Auckland Branch Christmas function was also on the event schedule where I was able to spend 15 minutes talking to members about the strategy.

In early December we ran our first webinar where we covered in brief an overview of the NZISM Strategy, we plan to run many more of these during 2017 to engage with members. I repeat my comments from last month that NZISM is happy to receive feedback from any member about specific actions they would like to see us undertake in coming years to address improvements in our Value Proposition to members, who our stakeholders are and how we engage and support them, our systems and procedures for the better management of financial and operational decision making and the structure and leadership of NZISM. If you have any constructive ideas as to how we might grow the organisation in these areas please get in contact with your branch manager.

I would like to acknowledge all those people who work behind the scenes to ensure the ongoing success of NZISM, this includes members of grading and mentoring committees, those who contribute to special projects, branch managers and their committees, those who keep our social media platforms active, our National Executive, Operations Committee and Advisory Board. The majority of these people contribute their time freely and work hard to ensure that we continue to provide a valued service to our membership.

Finally, to all members we thank you for your ongoing support of the organisation throughout the year and for taking the time to read this message, I wish all NZISM members and their families a safe and happy Festive and New Year Season. If you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

See you in 2017

Greg Dearsly

National Manager, NZISM

November Update (21/11/16)


Once again we find ourselves in the aftermath of a significant natural disaster backed up by some pretty horrendous weather which, either separately or combined together, has effected many people throughout much of the South Island and Lower North Island. NZISM’s thoughts are with all those in these areas. As our members work to support their families, friends, employers and clients through these events please take the time to make sure you are all safe in your efforts to get your communities and workplaces cleaned up and back to some sort of normality. No doubt the ongoing shakes do not make this easy but I know the rest of the country is thinking of you in these times.

I had the pleasure of attending the NZISM Tauranga CPD event in early November, what a fabulous seminar. The Tauranga Committee did a great job, attracting 150+ attendees to hear from speakers working at the top of their game in the Health and Safety world. The overarching subject was focussed on the relationship between PCBU’s and contractors. The speakers covered different perspectives including actual experiences of a Health and Safety practitioner working on a large construction site, the possible contribution of the proposed Safety Star Rating System, a legal view of the multiple PCBU scenarios and WorkSafe NZ’s perspective. This was all packaged up in a 2 hour session which was free to members and included a range of prizes contributed by supporting organisations. Again, well done to the Tauranga branch for arranging and supporting a great event.

By now some members may have been introduced to the NZISM Strategy Framework. For those who haven’t, we are working on delivering a short webinar which is tentatively scheduled for Thursday 1st December at 10am. It will cover the key points of the strategy and there will also be a short presentation by one our Principal Sponsors, SHE Software. In the meantime in terms of the strategy, we are more than happy to receive feedback from any member about specific actions they would like to see us undertake in coming years to address improvements. Feedback could relate to our Value Proposition to members, who our stakeholders are and how we engage and support them, our systems and procedures for the better management of financial and operational decision making and the structure and leadership of NZISM. If you have any constructive ideas as to how we might grow the organisation in these areas please get in contact with your branch manager.

At a National Level we are working on some exciting CPD opportunities for 2017. I encourage all members who are looking to develop their careers to consider moving through the grading system, whether you are an Affiliate who could move onto to Technician or Graduate, or a Technician looking to grow into Graduate or beyond.

As we do every year in the Health and Safety world, we need to remind our employers, clients, colleagues and workmates about the increased risk to workers associated with the run into the “silly season”. Additional pressure and stress to finish work for the year, more people on the road, issues at home that may mean the worker hasn’t got their mind fully on the job and in some areas the emotional toll due to the earthquakes and flooding, all contribute to potential for accidents and incidents involving people at work. It seems to be a consistent message but again please help guide those you work with to take the time to undertake their tasks with their health and safety in mind.

I would finally like to acknowledge the contribution that Gordon MacDonald has made during his time in New Zealand. On Tuesday 8th November the NZISM Wellington Branch held an event to recognise Gordon and the achievements he has led while he was CEO at WorkSafe NZ. I know the Health and Safety community is sad to see Gordon leave and on behalf of the NZISM membership we wish him all the best for the future.

g MacDonald

Thanks for taking the time to read this message, if you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly
National Manager NZISM

October Update (21/10/16)


Hi all NZISM members,

I was very saddened of hear that Helen Kelly lost her battle with cancer recently. Helen was President of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions from 2007 until October 2015, stepping down due to her ill health.

Helen was a long time outspoken advocate for better workplace health and safety standards in New Zealand. As a result of her campaigning for the forestry sector, a review was undertaken of the industry leading to a number of improvement opportunities and subsequently the number of deaths due to forestry-related accidents has decreased.

Her efforts over many years to improve the health and safety of New Zealand workers was justifiably recognised earlier this year at the NZ Workplace Health and Safety Awards gala dinner in Auckland, where she received a standing ovation from those present.

On behalf of NZISM I extended sympathy to her family and friends – we have all lost a very committed and dedicated person in the area of workplace health and safety.

There has been much activity since I last wrote to you. We have 28 new members join us at Affiliate level during September and applicants for grading are averaging around 3 per week. Our newest branch in Northland has had its first official branch committee meeting with its newly elected branch management combo of Amanda Rayner and Liz Hanham.

As I reported last month, the Advisory Board were asked earlier in the year to draft their thoughts on a strategic plan for the future of NZISM. This proposed plan was presented to the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in September for consideration. Representatives from the NEC have been working on the further development of this strategic plan and this has now been made available for branch managers to present to their branch committees during October and November. There is also a plan to present the strategy to the wider membership before the end of the year, this will likely be via a webinar.

The Mentoring Programme which has been developed over the last few years will now be available to members wishing to spend some one-on-one time with an experienced practitioner. The programme provides managed assistance to NZISM members in their progression through the NZISM Accreditation Programme. A call for expressions of interest to participate in this programme will be made soon.

It was great to read in the latest issue of Safeguard Magazine about our members that are the first group to put themselves forward for the Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice. This was developed in conjunction with Otago University, Capable NZ and NZISM as part of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process which forms a critical part of our accreditation programme.

The development of the HASANZ register project has picked up a notch since the completion of the HASANZ conference work. The project requires that a governance board be put in place as the decision making group for the project. The board is made up of myself, along with Rachel Lilley from the Occupational Physiotherapists and Craig Smith (HASANZ chair), with support from the HASANZ programme manager, Karen Chaney and IT Project Manager, Chris Opperman.  We will also be joined by a representative of the IT provider for the project once they have been appointed.

Finally the Operations Committee is looking to finalise details of the location and time for the 2017 AGM. The dates are likely to be mid-September and we are considering the possibility of running this in conjunction with a CPD event. I should be able to confirm details in my November message.

NZISM Code of Professional Ethics
Also, within this communication, I wanted to cover what it means to be a member of NZISM. The behaviours outlined in our Code of Professional Ethics are built on responsibility, integrity and honesty. This Code is to assist you, as a member of NZISM, to know and understand the standards of integrity, professionalism and behaviour which we, as a professional organisation, consider essential.

The key criteria set out in the Code of Ethics are as follows:

  • Act and work responsibly and competently at all times to improve health and safety in workplaces
  • Give priority to the health, safety and welfare of employees, employers and other workplace health and safety stakeholders.
  • Ensure work carried out by others under their direction is performed competently with honesty and integrity and is accurately reported.
  • Ensure they do not knowingly engage in any illegal or unprofessional practices.
  • Honour their responsibilities to NZISM, their Branch, their profession, employer, client, colleagues and themselves.
  • Honour the constraints that are set out in legislation including but not limited to the Fair Trading Act 1986 and the Privacy Act 1993 and subsequent changes to legislation.
  • Co-operate and support the NZISM and Branch activities
  • Participate in the development of sound working relationships and interactions with other organisations at appropriate levels.
  • Perform their work and duties with integrity, honesty and equity while adhering to legal principles.
  • Provide advice, express an opinion or make statements in an honest, objective, impartial and efficient way and consider the reasonably foreseeable consequences of that advice.
  • Perform work within their areas of competence and within the limits of their abilities.  Members shall not undertake responsibilities in relation to health and safety which they do not believe themselves competent to discharge.
  • Acknowledge any limitations in their own competence, and shall not undertake any activities for which they are not appropriately prepared for and or not suitably qualified.

This is not the entire content of the Code of Ethics, so for a full copy of the code please refer to the NZISM Website, . If we, as an industry, are to contribute to achieving the challenges set as part of the Working Safer Package and importantly address the Capability Constraints in the Health and Safety Practitioners industry identified by the Independent Taskforce then we need to be leading the charge in professionalism and the way we behave when engaging with those who call on us to assist in developing health and safety within their business. This obviously applies no matter what your employment status, be it consultant, contractor or employee.

Let’s work together to contribute to the betterment of our country’s workplace health and safety performance.
Thanks for taking the time to read this message, if you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly
National Manager NZISM

September Update (16/9/16)

Hi all NZISM members, I am writing this one week into my new role as National Manager of our great organisation. I intend to communicate via this way to you all on a minimum monthly basis to give an update on activities that are occurring within NZISM.




Presenting the Accreditation Project at HASANZ 2016






My history with NZISM dates back to around 2001 and since then I have fulfilled the following roles.

  • Auckland Branch Committee member
  • Auckland Branch Manager / NEC Representative for Auckland
  • NZISM Grading Committee member
  • NZISM National representative OHSIG Committee and subsequent OHSIG Chair
  • NZISM Representative on the HASANZ Committee
  • NZISM member on Ops Group

I have a passion for the development of the Health and Safety industry and those that work in it, hence my decision to stand for this role. I want to see us succeed as an industry and address that capability gap identified by in the Taskforce report to ensure we, as practitioners, can provide trusted guidance for those who seek our assistance. The organisation needs to evolve into one that displays the behaviours of a fully functioning national organisation providing members with development opportunities, resources and assistance as they move through their careers.

I read the below quote recently published by a member of an organisation not dissimilar to NZISM and my goal as National Manager is to get to a point where members of NZISM say similar things about our organisation.

“I am excited about the institute now. It’s offering a tremendous service, a tremendous product, a tremendous pathway and wonderful resources to members.”

This year’s AGM was the most well-attended in my recent memory with members that attended actively involved in many of the discussions. The National Executive Committee (NEC) will be working to ensure future AGM events are held at a time and place that maximises the ability of members to attend.

Earlier this year the Advisory Board were asked to draft their thoughts on a strategic plan for the future of NZISM. Their proposed plan was presented to the NEC meeting last week for consideration and the leadership team broadly were happy with the content and direction of what was being proposed for the next three years. A small sub-committee of the NEC has been put together to develop the proposal into one which I hope to be able to share with the entire membership before the end of this year. Key aspects of this plan are covered in four clear areas of (1) Member benefits, (2) Organisational sustainability, (3) Governance, structure and systems and (4) Stakeholders.

I am excited about the future for NZISM for the following reasons.

  • The accreditation programme is now a reality and the system the organisation needs to help address that capability gap.
  • 0ur ongoing relationship with HASANZ and its member associations, WorkSafe NZ and our other external sponsors and stakeholders and our combined efforts to develop the New Zealand Health and Safety Industry.
  • The mentoring programme that will enable those new to the industry and looking for guidance from people with proven skills to learn and develop.

These activities need to provide the ultimate consumer (business) with confidence that an NZISM member is capable of providing the advice, assistance and guidance in developing health and safety systems that are value added and fit for their business purpose.

What a great event the HASANZ conference was, with around 400 delegates it exceeded the targets the conference committee had set for attendance and the feedback throughout the two days was extremely positive. NZISM had a presence at the event with an exhibit stand which was kept busy with enquiries from members, mainly on the accreditation programme, this due to details of the programme being one of the concurrent sessions at the conference. We also sponsored one of the keynote speakers, Gordon MacDonald, CEO of WorkSafe NZ. His session was the last of the conference and it was a privilege to be able to introduce someone who has put a significant amount of effort into the evolution of WorkSafe NZ, it was great to stand on the stage at 4pm on a Friday and see that three quarters of the room was still at the event and that the usual mass departure from an event following the afternoon break had not occurred.




Gordon MacDonald sponsored by NZISM presenting at HASANZ 2016






I would like to thank Tony Rigg for his efforts over not only the last four years that he has held the National Managers role, but also the previous terms in which he held the Auckland Branch Managers role. Running an organisation like ours requires the commitment of a number of people who volunteer their time from their normal day jobs and Tony’s contribution over the years has been significant particularly as we worked through the development of the Accreditation Project. Tony has agreed to remain on in a role of Immediate Past National Manager to help guide us over the coming 12 months.

Both Ravi Kolluru and Joyce Tilbrook have retained their positions as National Operations Manager and Secretary/Treasurer respectively so it is great to have some consistency in the leadership team. Along with Samantha Sharif (Chair of the Advisory Board) and Sarita McLean (Canterbury) we make up the Operations Committee, responsible for the Day to Day running of the Organisation. We will continue to engage with the National Executive, made up of the branch managers from around the country, some of whom also have volunteered to assist with small sub committees to develop specific projects.

There are a number of other people who contribute to the running of the organisation including the Advisory Board, Grading Committee, Paul Harper who continues to coordinate activities associated with the accreditation project and Phil Lewis-Farrell who leads our Mentoring Programme with our volunteer mentors. I would also like to acknowledge our Principal Sponsors, SHE Software Ltd and 3M, along with our other key stakeholders and corporate supporters.

So as I look forward to leading the organisation through the next phase of its development I would ask that members, wherever you are consider the part you play in the wider health and safety community. If I reflect on some comments made during the business leaders forum at the HASANZ conference about the qualities of health and safety practitioners that business is looking for these included;

  • Being influential and creating understanding at multiple levels within a business. This linked well into Peter Biggs message of selling the “Why” of Health and Safety to Business.
  • Have an understanding of business practices as well as technical health and safety skills.
  • Understanding risks across the scope of the business and;
  • Calling out leaders when they fail to do the right thing.

Thanks for taking the time to read, if you would like to make contact you can do so by emailing me at

Greg Dearsly
National Manager NZISM